Na břehu Rhôny. The easygoing French style that works.

Na břehu Rhôny is a small chain of wine bars specializing in good wine by the glass, and something small to eat.

Their first place, at Výtoň by the river, opened back in 2012 and became a hit amongst locals: Always bustling, always full and always fun, it became almost a legend, and the same happened to their second bar in the hip Karlín district.

The owners soon decided to open another place, just around the corner from the packed first, and called it “Za rohem”, “Round the corner”. This one caters for the experienced wine connoisseurs and offers a more calm experience, plus wines not found in other branches.

There is a shop, too

Three were not enough so there were soon more places, and one of the bars (in Dejvice) also has a shop with wine and delicacies. A lot of them come from France because the owners love the French style, but be prepared for surprises from other regions, too. They also organize tastings and other events, so if you feel like treating yourself and maybe also learn interesting things about the world gastronomy, give this one a try.

Name: Na břehu Rhôny

Address: there are several branches:

Výtoň 1, Praha 2

Rohanské nábř. 7, Praha 8

Francouzská 84, Praha 2

Rašínovo nábř. 32, Praha 2

Puškinovo nám. 13, Praha 6



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