Artic Bakehouse: Baked in Heaven(?!)

Bakeries and the like are pretty much an everyday thing. They might not even seem that important, or poetic. Unless you know the right ones, that is.

Sourdough Times

The people who run this marvellous place are truly the masters of their craft: their breads and scones and everything else seem “ordinary” and almost rustic, but as you take the first bite you are hooked forever. Their offer consists of sourdough bread and many other creations and the stars of the show are plain-looking but fantastic-tasting Scandinavian sweet treats.

Our favourite combo and a reward after a long day (thankfully they are open long enough!) is buying a loaf or half-loaf of the sourdough bread for home and having a scone with berries and white chocolate. Hey it is all healthy anyway? And for sure, it is a top quality and very pleasurable thing to eat in the city.

Name: Artic Bakehouse

Address: Újezd 11, Praha 5 

Website: h

Vinohradský parlament: The (Extra)ordinary Casual Czech Food

Czechs love to eat their lunches in pubs, bistros and restaurants, and the centre of Prague is dotted with various places offering lunch menus, from the rustic cheap pubs for the hard working to more elaborate places that cater for the business people. And everything in between.

Vinohradský Parlament is the very good in between for lunch, and a very good idea in the evening, too. And if some of your friends from abroad (or you!) want to try Czech cuisine, this is a good place to start.

The recently refurbished pub is light, airy and busy. They offer more or less updated Czech and European food on the heavier side, with a nod to the season (we wrote this when mushrooms were in season and it was also the time of the loved geese, and we enjoyed what their cooks were able to create from these ingredients). Another thing that they launched in 2019 is an unusual idea not often seen elsewhere various new-ish takes on the knedlíky – a Czech and also Austrian staple that is basically large dumplings, some of them filled with sweet or savoury things and others served as thick slices accompanied by meat and a choice of sauces  – everything cooked to perfection of course. 

Here, you can have very interesting and at the same time homey food experiences. The prices are mid range so you can afford to have a meal here even when on a budget, and we like to see that the traditional Czech pib and its fare is a concept that can be developed even further. Well done!

Name: Vinohradský parlament

Address: Korunní 1, Praha 2



Coffee Source Francouzská: The Coffee Professionals

“The origins of Coffee Source can be found in 2003, when we, the current owners, after the frustration caused by the lack of good coffee in the Czech Republic, started their coffee shop by importing coffee from a small Italian roaster and La Marzocco coffee machines,” says the website of this coffee powerhouse. Indeed, the Coffee Source is now a name that true coffee lovers know. 

Come taste it

They are not just an e-shop or roastery (although they own a roaster since 2007) though. They also run a cozy coffee spot named Coffee Source Francouzská, at Francouzská 106 in the hip Vršovice district. This is a no-nonsense place with a cozy garden and it has all you can expect from a top notch coffee place and you can taste their product and get advice on coffee. Also they sell it here, so you can shop till you drop, and then have more coffee and shop again.

Name: Coffee Source Francouzská

Address: Francouzská 106, Praha 10



Prague’s places for meat lovers

Of course, vegetables are healthy. And pasta is a great invention. But meat is meat is meat, and we are happy to recommend you severa places where you can enjoy the best of it.

Meat Vandals

With a no-nonsense approach and a clear concept, this just works.. And that is exactly what this establishment does. They fight for “proper” puller pork and pastrami. See them at food and art festivals and know they are preparing to open their own bistro.

Name: Meat Vandals

Address: Náměstí Republiky 8, Praha 1




Another no-nonsense concept that turned out great. This shop / bistro offers “Dinner from the butcher,” either buy high quality Czech meat for your own culinary escapades, or eat on the spot. Yum!

Name: Kantýna

Address: Politických vězňů 5, Praha 1



The Real Meat Society

Their organic-only shop in Prague 2 is a good way to experience what a professional butcher shop for the 21st century should be like. The British chef Paul Day also runs the Sansho restaurant and used to have another bistro called Maso a kobliha that he closed as he now he has this shop with locally sourced meat from small Czech producers.

Name: The Real Meat Society

Address: Náplavní 5, Praha 2



La casa Argentina

La casa Argentina is a renowned steak place. They serve them in a lively atmosphere (the restaurant has an impressive 380 places) – or you can just come here to buy meat for your own steak party.

Name: La casa Argentina

Address: Dlouhá 35, Praha 1



Brasileiro Slovanský dům

When Brasileiro opened, it became an instant hit. The way they serve the meat was uniques and still is an unusual thing: the passadores de carne walk amongst the tables with big skewers of grilled meats. It is called churrasco, and Czechs like this. Thy for yourselves!

Name: Brasileiro Slovanský dům

Address: Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1




Meatcraft is a newer addition to the Prague culinary scene, specializing in pastrami. They started only in 2019 and offer several types of pastrami sandwiches, and also very good burgers. Their very own smokehouse is a great thing!

Name: Meatcraft

Address: Jindřicha Plachty 27, Praha 5



Beef Bar

Another “simple” concept. Beef Bar is your place to get beef..

The owners had visited Uruguay and Argentina back in the nineties and started importing their famous meat to the Czech Republic. Beef bar offers steaks and pastrami, amongst other specialties. Try their homemade sausages and wine that they import from traditional, family owned wineries.

Name: Beef Bar

Address: Na Perštýně 10, Praha 1



Naše maso

Naše maso is always packed. This great butcher shop specializing in local meat, with premium meat and their own sausages, salamis and other delicacies, some are smoked –  naturally (no artificial aroma!). You can order something extra special: In the evenings, a table that hangs under the ceiling of the small shop descends, and a feast begins…

Name: Naše maso

Address: Dlouhá 39, Praha 1




They are your pork experts. The pork knuckle, so loved by the traditional fare loving Czechs, is available here, and so are many other specialities such as hot sausages, warm smoked pork cracklings, pork cheeks in gravy… ribs, pork schnitzel and beer to go with it. Just… yes.

Name: Pork’s

Address: Mostecká 16, Praha 1



V Zahradě

V Zahradě offers classic Czech and European dishes with something extra: They have their own smoke box and put meat and fish in there, and sometimes also vegetables. That elevates the place gretaly, and if you are not convinced, know that their Pira charcoal BBQ grill is another magical instrument that makes things taste great.

Name: V Zahradě

Address: Schwaigerova 59/3 (in Hotel Schwaiger), Praha 6



Manú Praga: The New Italian Place

We have raved here about the Manú Risto & Lounge, a wonderful Italian restaurant by the celebrity chef Emanuele Ridi. So knowing that there is another Manú by him sounded really good and we had to try it ASAP

Manú knows

Manú Praga is located at the riverbank, in a spacious, well lit place previously used by a travel agency and an airline. The design makes a good use of this space and cleverly contrasts the light and cold elements with newly added and colourful chairs and other items. Which is all well and dandy but we would not be so happy if the food was not good enough. Thankfully, it is.

The food is Italian (as you would expect from Ridi who is one of the chefs that made Italian food so popular here and keeps bringing to the Czech audience also the lesser known recipes from his native Marche), and works pretty well in the heart of Prague if you ask us. Manú offers a classic menu (pasta, steaks, fish), some seasonal items (we were super happy about the fresh combination of an Italian fish and a perfectly crunchy asparagus) and a pizza that makes you want to smile at the pizza chef who is working hard at the oven. Everything here is just right, and we will surely come back for more.

Name: Manú Praga

Address: Revoluční 25, Praha 1



Pohostinec Karlín: The good thing that grows

You may have heard about the Pohostinec Monarch right in the centre of Prague, offering a modern take on the classical local cuisine. Sounds like something for you? Then let us tell you about this one.

For the growing neighbourhood

Karlín is a part of Prague that is one of the most dynamic. After the floods in 2002 that have destroyed a lot of older buildings this area started to bloom much more than anyone could have anticipated. The growth spawned new restaurants, and, what is even more interesting, then new company headquarters and new flats and in turn, more restaurants for the newly relocated.

Pohostinec Karlín caters for those who want real, good, proper food and beverages. They do have many staples of the local cuisine but also carry USDA-certified meats that make wonderful steaks. They run a Josper grill that serves also for things like carrots and other goodies that accompany the perfect meat. Their menu is short but full of delights, and the whole concept just makes sense.

Name: Pohostinec Karlín

Address: Pobřežní 42, Praha 8



Nostress Cafe Restaurant: The experience that shows

If you are looking for a simple place to eat in the middle of old Prague and want a good quality, we have a tip for you.

Any time is fine

Nostress opened in 2002. They have a lot to offer, on several fronts.

They have been offering original confectionery from their own shop, for a long time, and are constantly changing the offer. Their chef has been working here for over 14 years which tells something (his name is Benmissi and studied at a hotel school in Algeria and then worked as a chef and pastry chef in several renowned Czech establishments including the famous Villa Voyta hotel). We like that, and we also like their philosophy that it is a good idea to eat there any time, breakfast, lunch or dinner, including a coffee break between any of those.

Name: Nostress Cafe Restaurant

Address: V Kolkovně 9, Praha 1



The bars and clubs of Prague

It seems that the centre of Prague is full of bars and clubs and similar establishments. It might be tricky to navigate them if you do not know that much about this scene. We are here to help.


Above the many roofs of Prague, at Prague’s main square (the Wenceslas Square) there is  Duplex. The rooftop club hosts the world’s renowned DJs, so definitely check their programme, and they run their own restaurant, offering smaller dishes “for casual grazing” – such as the Asian chili prawns or the crispy calamari are very enticing.


Address:Václavské náměstí 21, Praha 1



Gin & Tonic Club

These people stick to their concept. The Gin & Tonic Club offers not just an AMAZING array of cocktails, but also small portions of top quality food, carefully paired with the cocktails. Come for a drink or try one of their tastings where you discover interesting combinations of top food and several G&Ts.

Name: Gin & Tonic Club

Address:Navrátilova 1421/11, Praha 1


Blah Blah Bar

Interesting cocktails from only the top quality spirits. Also local craft beer, something small to eat, a good coffee, and a capacity of 80 for your next party. We love how they took care to describe their cocktails in their list, so you know if you are getting something  “strong, sour, touch of herbs” or “medium strong, sweet, banana”.

Name: Blah Blah Bar

Address: Žitná 41, Praha 1



Moon Club

This new-ish place is the talk of the town now. The glass roof over their courtyard makes sure you have a beautiful visual experience. Apart from all the drinking and dancing and elegance they offer small dishes and that includes modern options such as a “moon” bowl with healthy and modern ingredients.

Name: Moon Club

Address: Dlouhá 26, Praha 1



Cafe cafe: Not just for the celeb factor

There are always places that the celebrities seem to love. At cafe Cafe you can meet the rich, the famous and the aspiring celebrities of the Czech showbiz scene, but not only that.

20 Years in Business

Attracting some celebs would not be enough for an establishment to last for long. Cafe cafe is celebrating 20 years in business in 2019 and that is a lot in our corner of the world. It is succesfull not just because of the ability to attract the right faces, but for the good service itself.

Cafe Cafe specializes in light meals and attractive cakes – drop here for a good lunch in the mediterranean style, or have just the coffee and an indulgent cake.

Protip: The breakfast is served until 12.30 and the sandwiches or egg dishes make a nice early lunch too.

Name: Cafe cafe

Address: Rytířská 10, Praha 1



Bokovka: If you are serious about wine

Bokovka is the Czech name of a famous road movie, from 2004. It was started a few years after that by a group of renowned Czech artists – filmmakers, graphic designers and such – who liked to get really great wine and share it. Later on, Tomáš Karpíšek, a super succesfull gastro enterpreneur who owns over 20 restaurants, joined their “club”.

The first incarnation of Bokovka closed down in 2014 but it was not its end: A few months after its demise, a new Bokovka opened in a courtyard of the Dlouhá street right in the middle of Prague.

A New Life

From that moment on, the new Bokovka started to live and thrive. This wine bar run by the artists offers wonderful, expertly selected wines from all over the world, and also runs an on-site fromagerie, so you can have a bite with your glas or three. Add some bread, maybe a few sardines, and be merry.

Name: Bokovka

Address: Dlouhá 37, Praha 1