The Real Meat Society: Their name says it all

Paul and Michaela Day have a clear vision: To sell the best meat. Their organic-only shop in Prague 2 is a good way to experience what a professional butcher shop for the 21st century should be like.

The celebrity and the meat

The British chef Paul Day is a very well known Czech gastronomy personality, he runs the Sansho restaurant and used to have another bistro called Maso a kobliha that he closed as he now he has this shop (oh, and and he also got several Bib Gourmands from Michelin, and used to work at Nobu). He and Michaela know very well what works and what meat should be like, so that you are in goods hands here – Paul used to work in a butcher shop as a teenager, so there are not many people who know more about this field. The locally sourced meat from small producers is what can make a great dish, and we are super happy we can buy sch goods cuts in the centre of Prague.

Name: The Real Meat Society

Address: Náplavní 5, Praha 2



Kantýna. Let the butchers do their job.

“Dinner from the butcher,” states the web presentation of this no-frills place that is part of the renowned Ambiente group. Curious?

Worth the wait

At Kantýna, you can either buy high quality Czech meat for your own culinary escapades, or eat on the spot. They only take reservation for the “Dinnes from the butcher” option, else you just drop in, maybe wait a but at the big standing table. And it is worth the wait, because at Kantýna there are meat experts who make you super happy with their grilled pork or beef, and maybe add to your satisfaction with a good cold beer. There are other very interesting options on the menu, but since these people specialize in the grilled meat, we strongly recommend at least try what they do so expertly. You will be happy you did.

Name: Kantýna

Address: Politických vězňů 5, Praha 1



Les Moules: More than seafood

As the Czech Republic has no sea, the seafood is not on every menu. Les Moules was one of the first places specializing in this, and their style – a Belgian brasserie offering many types of moules – was unknown to the Czech scene when they started many years ago.

A consistent approach

It is not easy to run a restaurant, and it might be even harder to keep a consistent quality. At Les Moules, you know you will find very good dishes mostly of the seafood, and interesting Belgian beers that are not easy to find. What adds further plus points is the knowledgeable staff who offers very good advice for the less-than experienced. We like this combo!

Name: Les Moules

Address: Pařížská 19, Praha 1



Kalina Anežka: Where food meets art

Kalina Anežka is a rare case where a restaurant is located inside a building that is also a gallery.

The artful bites

Having a restaurant in the very centre of a historical city is a way to attract customers that just somehow happen to be around. But Kalina Anežka is a part of Kalina, a minigroup of famous gourmet restaurants, so please expect something completely different than a touristy place with generic food that is not really inspiring.

As you can see in reviews from the visitors, people are coming here to have a gourmet experience – because they know Kalina is good. The fans have followed the restaurant after their more from a nearby Dlouhá street to have some great quality food (the dishes are international, and we especially like the ones with a French flair) and something from their well-curated wine list. Our tip is to go here when the weather is nice because their outside seating area elevates your experience even more.   

Name: Kalina Anežka

Address: Anežská 5, Praha 1



4 Nice Cafés in Prague and beyond

We love enjoying a good cup of coffee in Prague. And today we can recommend four nice places for this.


IF Cafe

Iveta Fabešová, the owner of this sweet place, is a keen pastry and cake maker who has also published several recipe books. IF Cafe is a mini-chain with four branches in the centre of the city. “A modern confectionery” is what she calls it. IF Café is elegant but homey, a good balance between the easygoing and a bit extraordinary, complete with sleek coffee cups with “IF” on them.

Name: IF Café

Address: Belgická 30, Praha 2

Tylovo náměstí 2, Praha 2

U Sovových mlýnů 7, Praha 7

Jungmannova 30/21, Praha 1




Café Elektric

A modern café in the very centre of Prague, a bit hidden (so we ask for your attention when you are in the centre!).

Apart from the usual assortment that you would expect in a café, these people offer an interesting selection of dishes that may as well be your lunch. They happily cater for vegetarians and vegans and in the afternoon, they offer happy hour with various special offers..

Name: Café Elektric

Address: Ovocný trh 6, Praha 1




Mama Coffee Vodičkova

Another mini-chain with a good reputation.

Mama Coffee roast their own beans and have been running several cafés. Their biggest one in Vodičkova Street boasts two floors and a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They have been going for many years and still manage to have full house.

Name: Mamma Coffee

Address: Vodičkova 6, Praha 1




Národní kavárna

We like places that bring a sense of calm into the bustling city. Národní kavárna is in the middle of the Národní street which is in the middle of Prague, yet there is a kind of calm vibe here. We can surely appreciate that.

Národní kavárna also has history. There has been a café in these premises since 1896, and its current name dates back to the 1923. You can drop in to have a nice breakfast in the morning, or have a proper meal such as a duck confit.

Name: Národní kavárna

Address: Národní 11, Praha 1



Meat Vandals: The Proper Meats

When something is called “Meat Vandals”, you expect a sort of no-nonsense approach and a clear concept. And that is exactly what this establishment does.

See you soon at the bistro

You might have seen them at the Manifesto Market, you might have eaten their homemade buns with pulled meat and / or pastrami at Kotva (the big department store), or you might have ordered their food as delivery. Bet you liked what they have to offer – they are really choosy and meticulous about their ingredients and how to prepare them. These people are passionate about offering good, healthy, proper food and they are preparing to open their own bistro at Myslíkova Street soon, so you will be seeing us there often.

Name: Meat Vandals

Address: Náměstí Republiky 8, Praha 1



Crėme de la crėme. The art of the ice cream.

As Prague’s culinary scene becomes bigger and more varied, several specialized ice cream parlours (or salons, as some call them) are operating in this city. And that’s a sweet thing, pun fully intended.

The Italian experience

The idea for the ice cream mini-chain materialized when Honza Hochsteiger, who used to work in Italy for several ice cream establishment, returned to Prague and, in 2015, opened his first place in the very centre of Prague’s Old Town. The business has grown since and now there are 3 Crėme de la crėmes, each with its own style. What we like, apart from the facts the ice creams are just goooooood, is the inclusion of various healthy and vegan options, so you can enjoy your ice cream even when you have some dietary restrictions.

PS: if you like Honza’s style, know that he is also collaborating with the famous Ambiente chain, helping with their ice cream dishes.

Name: Crėme de la crėme

Address: Národní 23, Praha 1

Husova 12, Praha 1

Průběžná 58, Praha 10



Tamarind Tree: The tastiest Asian food

Tamarind Tree became famous for their pop-up presence at Prague’s markets and other events such as festivals. This bunch of people who love the Asian cuisine is instantly likeable: When you came to their stand at a market asking for a dish that was not served at that day, they offered to make this the next week for you. Their noodle and rice dishes have the ability to make you happy on the spot so seeing them at an event was always good news. They even took care to make their own sauces when they would not really have to (we love this extra touch!).  

Not just a pop-up

You can visit a brick-and-mortar Tamarind Tree now, too, at Vyšehradská, near Sabores. What’s on offer? We are happy to see our favourite pad thai, but you should also know they have several kinds of dim sum dumplings which are becoming very popular in Prague right now. If you want that thai goodness and the weather is maybe a bit dull, make sure you also order the tom kha soup – your day will be that much better for it.

Name: Tamarind Tree

Address: Vyšehradská 43, Praha 2



4 Tapas Places in Prague you should see

Tapas are pretty big these days. Prague is not exactly full of tapas bars, but there are several places we can recommend.



Sabores is a shop, a bistro, and let us say they also have an eshop with delicious offerings of food, drinks and accesories from Spain.

You can come here to shop for various delicacies (Spanish ham, cheese, chips, salt…) , and also to taste these heavenly things. So you can choose, for instance, several kinds of cheese, some olives, try them all and then perhaps buy a bigger amount for your next house party. Tip: You might not have come here for coffee, but you should try theirs. They have top beans from various renowned sources and you will feel happy and energized after you try a cup!

Name: Sabores

Address: Vyšehradská 414/6, Praha 2




La Cava Valenciana

This is one of those hidden gems you might not otherwise know.

La Cava Valenciana is an informal, easygoing place that offers Valencian cuisine. They offer a variety of tapas that is much wider than what one typically encounters in Prague. We especially like that they have hot tapas such as albondigas (meatballs) or camarones al ajillo (shrimps in garlic sauce). Of course there is cheese, olives, jamón (ham) and chorizo.

Name: La Cava Valenciana

Address: Radlická 1C, Praha 5




Tapas Bar Miró

If you want to have an authentic tapas experience, Tapas Bar Miró is a place we recommend to visit.

We like bot their hot and cold tapas. Try their jamón iberico, pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potatoes) or the albondigas ( meatballs in tomato sauce). And make sure you have room left for their Crema Catalana!

Name: Tapas Bar Miró

Address: Štefánikova 46, Praha 5




Café Jamón

Just south of Prague there is a former village, not a top technology centre with a very good quality of living, Dolní Břežany. Buses from the city go there often, and of course you can take a car if you decide to visit.

One of the many reasons you should is called Café Jamón. Apart from coffee and fresh pastry that you would expect here, they offer an unusually wide selection of tapas (jamón, chorizo, cheese), and also Spanish wine and even Sangri that is a great thing for a balmy evening.

Name: Café Jamón

Address: U náměstí 706, Dolní Břežany



Moon Club: The Cocktail Night

If you find yourself in Prague looking for a bar that is elegant and offers something extra, look no further than the Moon Club.

The glass roof over their courtyard makes sure you have a beautiful visual experience, but the night here is not just about drinking and dancing: we would like to mention their food, too, as they believe a great evening should not be without something to eat.

The menu

So, you chose the perfect cocktail (they offer both the classics and some ones you cannot find everywhere, including Czech cocktails that include local ingredients), and danced some, and are hungry. Do not leave for another place, as they offer you both small dishes for when you only want to have a bite, such as nachos w/salsa, and several full-fledged dishes such as a “moon” bowl with healthy and modern ingredients such as quinoa and shiitake, or salads and burgers. Yum. We like it when an establishment takes care of us all night long!

Name: Moon Club

Address: Dlouhá 26, Praha 1