Kafe Petro: The Conscious Cafe

Petrohradská street is a part of the Vršovice, a part of Prague with the most hipsters per square mile. Which is not bad for us mere mortals because hipsters like to eat good food and this neighbourhood offers very interesting options for everyone, beard or not.

Healthy can be good

The Kafe Petro named after the street where it recently opened is full of food that is fun, tastes great, but is healthy. There are not many places that serve caponata in Prague (no kidding, we make our own unless we are in Sicily where that is a staple) and this one does, to many a vegan’s delight. They make tasty granola with fruit, nice meatballs, prepare very good coffee and also beer that they seem to be very proud of. Plus points for doing also small acoustic concerts! We like.

Name: Kafe Petro

Address: Petrohradská 13, Praha 10 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/kafepetro/

Cali Brothers: The American Vibe

Cali Brothers is a place opened in 2019 that is one of the few restaurants in town that are dedicated to the American cuisine. Let’s take a closer look.

California eating

Californian vibe and Californian cuisine are a welcome, sunny addition to the Czech capital’s gastro scene. Situated just opposite the towering Mama Hotel, Cali Brothers (formerly a branch of Bohemia Bagel) offers steaks, mussels, oysters, and many types of sandwiches from meaty to vegan. Also a lot of types of less usual bar food such as fried avo, and of course cocktails and noncalcoholic drinks. We like this sunny and easygoing approach of this informal place and will check those avocados again soon!

Name: Cali brothers

Address: Dukelských Hrdinů 906/48, Praha 7

Website: https://calibrothers.cz

Wildflower: Come for a Cocktail!

People love the Wildflower, and there are many colourful and wonderful reasons for that: they are their legendary cocktails.

Drinks that make you go mmm…

The reviews usually go along the lines of “this place is nice enough but we keep coming back for those cocktails, they are the main thing” – and that makes much sense. However we love design, décor and stylish interiors in general, restaurants and bars, we go there to drink and/or eat, and not just admire the settings. Wildflower has a harmonious interior full of flowers but also a wonderful selection of signature drinks, nice staff and they plan events we will surely love! Let’s follow them and see that they come up with, together.

Name: Wildflower Cocktail lounge & Cafe

Address: Slezská 14, Praha 2 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/wildflowerprague/

Spojka Karlín Makes Sense

Spojka call themselves a restaurant serving “food that makes sense” and we are partial to that. They also claim that they want to connect people over food, be they vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers. Which we find very practical because so many people have various dietary restrictions now that it only makes sense that there are places where everyone can enjoy good food at the same time.

Different desserts

Just like many other restaurants and bistros, Spojka has its own bread. But: They also have a creative and mindful confectioner that makes desserts that are different – there does not have to be sugar in them, and they can taste like you are not used to. Also, both of their chefs have their own gardens where they grow vegetables that is used in the restaurant – aren’t these great reasons to visit?

Name: Spojka Karlín

Address: Pernerova 35, Praha 8

E-mail: info@spojka-karlin.cz  

Website: https://www.spojka-karlin.cz

Café Louis Výtoň: They Love France, They Really Do

Výtoň is a part of Prague just at the riverbank. Just off the famous Náplavka that is another place that the farmer’s markets made into a favourite spot. We happily welcome new shops and spots in this area.

Not just food

Café Louis is a place run by people who love France. They offer coffee and food that can be deemed international, but the extra touch are the products: French cosmetics and for instance this savoury-sweet thing that makes you mouth water even by looking at its cover: Petits caramels à la fleur de sel. We love sweet/savoury combos and the salty salamer and its variations that the French are so very capable of is a star. Drop in for a quick lunch and give this little spot a try!

Name: Café Louis Výtoň

Address: Vyšehradská 415/9, Praha 2

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/Cafe-Louis-Výtoň-110063637048796/

Donut Shop: Arguably the Best Donuts in Town

Jiřák (or “Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad if you want the whole proper name nobody uses in conversations) has been blooming in the past few years. First, there were the farmer’s markets, and slowly but surely, new cafés and shops have started to pop up all around this big square.

The Sweet Treat

The Donut Shop is a nice, simple concept that works perfectly here. Whereas many cafés and bistros that you can encounter here offer a wide selection of things to eat, this one just has donuts. But what donuts! This family run establishment says they want “to add a taste of heaven to your day” and we tend to believe them. The base they use is a traditional one from a grandma’s archive but they keep coming up with new recipes and variations, so you keep coming back for more.

“Each batch of donuts are made in-store using local, flavor-packed ingredients and our menu is constantly changing with the seasons. We also offer at least four different vegan options daily,” says the family. That is a commendable thing!

Name: Donut Shop

Address: nám. J. z Poděbrad 1658/11, Praha 3

E-mail: info@donutshopprague.cz

Website: http://donutshopprague.cz

Assaggio Vineria: For the Love of Tuscany

Assaggio is specializing in Tuscany cuisine. They of course utilize the Czech ingredients too, so if they get hold of great local mushrooms in Autumn they serve wonderful funghi dishes. 

You can also enjoy a good bread they offer and have a crostini with black cabbage, burrata and with a toasted almond or two… Or the tasty panna cotta with a raspberry? Or please just a glass of wine, maybe a wonderful organic one? Your choice. Simplicity is the key and it is good news that we can have this pleasant, authentic place smack dab in the middle of Vinohrady.

Name: Assaggio 

Address: Budečská 40, Praha 2 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/assaggiovineria

Café Re:public: An Industrial Romance

Petřín is the romantic hill above Prague where lovers go to spend lush evenings, or mothers stroll with their new babies. Also, there is a big lookout tower right at the top (resembling the much bigger Eiffel Tower), a famous labyrinth, and, since recently, a nice looking café.

The rebuilt charm

Enough of history, let’s go inside. This former substation (a thing that deals with electricity and such) has been rebuilt in a very stylish way and became a café with an industrial charm that nods to its surrounding in several ways (its staircases are a design answer to the said tower, for instance).  

Apart from the inevitable coffee they proudly serve light, fresh dishes from local ingredients. You can have a sandwich (on homemade bread!), a wrap or a dessert, all top quality and with a marvellous view of Prague. The approach of the idea of the café is very contemporary, students are invited to use this place to study and generally everyone is welcome in this pretty place. We are fans.

Name: Café Re:public

Address: Petřínské sady 633,  Praha 1

Website: https://www.caferepublic.cz

Marthy’s Kitchen: A Cozy Breakfast and More

Breakfasts and brunches have become a big thing in Prague. You go with your lover, you go with your coworkers, you go with a client. The breakfast is important for your health, and in the right setting it can become also an enormous pleasure.

Small but pretty

The original Marthy’s Kitchen is a cozy bistro just off Náměstí Míru, and there is another at the riverbank (Smetanovo nábřeží) if you love looking at the water. 

The idea is to serve French-inspired breakfast food and also lunches, so you can sample their waffles or crépes in the morning, and a lunch later on… or come much later and have tapas and good wine. 

They serve their own pastries and try to make you feel as good as possible. We like their concept overall but the breakfast concept is our favourite! 

Name: Marthy’s Kitchen

Address: Francouzská 13, Praha 2

Also: Masarykovo nábřeží 6, Praha 1Website: https://marthyskitchen.cz

News for the Bellevue

As we reported earlier bellevue is one of Prague’s top luxury restaurants. Their style was always about a kind of luxury that is elegant, nice and solid.

A culinary star

It has been in business for the impressive 22 years. You might have heard (or even seen) it is closing… but worry. Not. They are going to reopen mere 50 metres away. So you swim, sorry, walk a bit and in a few days – on February 3 to be precise – you can see a new, fresh, but still elegant and adult Bellevue. The new place will be located at Karolíny Světlé 34 and they have a new chef: Nicolas Decherchi, who is a culinary star: He – very quickly – got two Michelin stars for the Paloma restaurant in the town of Mougins at the French riviera and also worked in Průhopnice near Prague, so he knows what the Prague gourmets like. Bellevue is still part of the renowned Zátiší Group that now comprises three spots. The Bellevue, V Zátiší and Mlýnec. We like them all…

Name: Bellevue

Address: Smetana Hotel, Karolíny Světlé 34, Praha 1

E-mail: bellevue@zatisigroup.cz

Website: http://www.bellevuerestaurant.cz