Brasileiro Slovanský dům: A place for meat lovers

When Brasileiro opened, it became an instant hit amongst the young, more adventurous Czech clientele, the expats and the visitors of Prague. Its concept was unique to this city, and pretty much still is to this day: Their staff, the passadores de carne, walk amongst the tables with big skewers of grilled meats.

When you fancy, they slice off a piece to your plate. This way of preparing meat, the churrasco, is traditional in its country, but it was a novelty for the Czechs.

The lighthearted, fun way of eating, the lively atmosphere and of course the good quality of the meats make this a staple. If you are tired of the usual way of dining, let yourself be amazed by the fun, yet good quality Brazilian way of eating.

A Japanese influence

It is a lesser known fact that there is a thriving Japanese community in Brazil. The Japanese have brought their own culinary influences, too, so there are some unique meals that were born from the meeting of these two cultures. You can have a taste of this, the Nikkei, at Brasileiro too!

Name: Brasileiro Slovanský dům

Address: Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1



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