Pohostinec Monarch: Modern, rustic and exquisite

The traditional Czech cuisine is having somewhat of a revival in the last years. The current generation of chefs shows that it is possible to create dishes that borrow heavily from the traditions of the Czech regions but are creative, contemporary and interesting, not just for curious Czechs but also to Prague’s visitors interested in a bit of a culinary adventure.

Pohostinec Monarch and their chef Jan Volšička do this really well. The open kitchen and an interior that cleverly combines the minimal modernism and golden details is a sure sign that someone took care to combine things to create something more that a sum of its parts. The same goes for the food, too. Traditional items such as the roast duck with red cabbage or homemade paté, rustic soups and local fish are what the visitors love about this place.

Reasonable and local

A big part of what the chef and his team uses is locally sourced, even the cheese board is from a local, organic farm. When it is best to use good things from abroad, such as some wines, they do. With reasonable prices and a great location, this makes for a great place to try.

Name: Pohostinec Monarch

Address: Na Perštýně 15, Praha 1

E-mail: monarch@pohostinec.cz

Website: http://monarch.cz

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