Gran Fierro – Welcome in​ Argentina!

Spirit of Argentinean restaurant in the middle of Prague

Do you love steaks? I’m sure you do. And what comes to your mind when I say the BEST STEAK. Yes. It is Argentina!

Interior of the restaurant is stylish and cozy. It’s a great place for business meeting and also romantic dinner.

People don’t come here for a meal, they come here to have an experience. – Juan Cruz

Juan is the only Argentine owner of Argentinean restaurant in Prague. With Miguel, they can add another taste to their food.  Juan Cruz said: “In Argentina, we only put salt on the meat. When the meat is so good, you don’t need more than that.” Actually, this is the first secret.

The second one is to have a really good grill. In Grand Fierro, they are using Josper grill, which is cross between grill and oven.  Josper could be normally open, also could be closed and that’s the added value. This traps the humidity in with the meat and renders the latter more tender and smoky.

Visit Gran Fierro’s page and book a table!

Name: Gran Fierro

Address: Voršilská 14, Prague 1



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