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Sabores brought the best of Spain to the Prague

Have you ever been in Spain? Honestly, it does not matter. BUT have you ever eaten Spanish cuisine? This DOES matter. You know, all the flavors, smells, colorful plates full of tasty food,… Sabores brought the best of Spain to the Prague.

First of all products you can find in the shop are carefully selected by owners, that is a guarantee of quality every single product. Do you want to taste the best tapas? Here you can buy everything that is needed and bring it to the table to your family or friends, too.

Sabores is mainly shop anyway there is no problem with taking a seat and drink a cup of coffee or great Spanish wine, taste delicious jamon and cheese. The staff is very helpful and will advise you on choosing. Another big advantage is that you can taste the products before buying them.

Taste Spain on Vyšehradská 6 or visit eshop!

Name: Sabores

Address: Vyšehradská 6, Prague 2




Sabores &

Sabores &

Sabores &

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