Marthy’s Kitchen: A Cozy Breakfast and More

Breakfasts and brunches have become a big thing in Prague. You go with your lover, you go with your coworkers, you go with a client. The breakfast is important for your health, and in the right setting it can become also an enormous pleasure.

Small but pretty

The original Marthy’s Kitchen is a cozy bistro just off Náměstí Míru, and there is another at the riverbank (Smetanovo nábřeží) if you love looking at the water. 

The idea is to serve French-inspired breakfast food and also lunches, so you can sample their waffles or crépes in the morning, and a lunch later on… or come much later and have tapas and good wine. 

They serve their own pastries and try to make you feel as good as possible. We like their concept overall but the breakfast concept is our favourite! 

Name: Marthy’s Kitchen

Address: Francouzská 13, Praha 2

Also: Masarykovo nábřeží 6, Praha 1Website:

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