Café Louis Výtoň: They Love France, They Really Do

Výtoň is a part of Prague just at the riverbank. Just off the famous Náplavka that is another place that the farmer’s markets made into a favourite spot. We happily welcome new shops and spots in this area.

Not just food

Café Louis is a place run by people who love France. They offer coffee and food that can be deemed international, but the extra touch are the products: French cosmetics and for instance this savoury-sweet thing that makes you mouth water even by looking at its cover: Petits caramels à la fleur de sel. We love sweet/savoury combos and the salty salamer and its variations that the French are so very capable of is a star. Drop in for a quick lunch and give this little spot a try!

Name: Café Louis Výtoň

Address: Vyšehradská 415/9, Praha 2


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