Kafe Petro: The Conscious Cafe

Petrohradská street is a part of the Vršovice, a part of Prague with the most hipsters per square mile. Which is not bad for us mere mortals because hipsters like to eat good food and this neighbourhood offers very interesting options for everyone, beard or not.

Healthy can be good

The Kafe Petro named after the street where it recently opened is full of food that is fun, tastes great, but is healthy. There are not many places that serve caponata in Prague (no kidding, we make our own unless we are in Sicily where that is a staple) and this one does, to many a vegan’s delight. They make tasty granola with fruit, nice meatballs, prepare very good coffee and also beer that they seem to be very proud of. Plus points for doing also small acoustic concerts! We like.

Name: Kafe Petro

Address: Petrohradská 13, Praha 10 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/kafepetro/

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