Prague’s places for meat lovers

Of course, vegetables are healthy. And pasta is a great invention. But meat is meat is meat, and we are happy to recommend you severa places where you can enjoy the best of it.

Meat Vandals

With a no-nonsense approach and a clear concept, this just works.. And that is exactly what this establishment does. They fight for “proper” puller pork and pastrami. See them at food and art festivals and know they are preparing to open their own bistro.

Name: Meat Vandals

Address: Náměstí Republiky 8, Praha 1




Another no-nonsense concept that turned out great. This shop / bistro offers “Dinner from the butcher,” either buy high quality Czech meat for your own culinary escapades, or eat on the spot. Yum!

Name: Kantýna

Address: Politických vězňů 5, Praha 1



The Real Meat Society

Their organic-only shop in Prague 2 is a good way to experience what a professional butcher shop for the 21st century should be like. The British chef Paul Day also runs the Sansho restaurant and used to have another bistro called Maso a kobliha that he closed as he now he has this shop with locally sourced meat from small Czech producers.

Name: The Real Meat Society

Address: Náplavní 5, Praha 2



La casa Argentina

La casa Argentina is a renowned steak place. They serve them in a lively atmosphere (the restaurant has an impressive 380 places) – or you can just come here to buy meat for your own steak party.

Name: La casa Argentina

Address: Dlouhá 35, Praha 1



Brasileiro Slovanský dům

When Brasileiro opened, it became an instant hit. The way they serve the meat was uniques and still is an unusual thing: the passadores de carne walk amongst the tables with big skewers of grilled meats. It is called churrasco, and Czechs like this. Thy for yourselves!

Name: Brasileiro Slovanský dům

Address: Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1




Meatcraft is a newer addition to the Prague culinary scene, specializing in pastrami. They started only in 2019 and offer several types of pastrami sandwiches, and also very good burgers. Their very own smokehouse is a great thing!

Name: Meatcraft

Address: Jindřicha Plachty 27, Praha 5



Beef Bar

Another “simple” concept. Beef Bar is your place to get beef..

The owners had visited Uruguay and Argentina back in the nineties and started importing their famous meat to the Czech Republic. Beef bar offers steaks and pastrami, amongst other specialties. Try their homemade sausages and wine that they import from traditional, family owned wineries.

Name: Beef Bar

Address: Na Perštýně 10, Praha 1



Naše maso

Naše maso is always packed. This great butcher shop specializing in local meat, with premium meat and their own sausages, salamis and other delicacies, some are smoked –  naturally (no artificial aroma!). You can order something extra special: In the evenings, a table that hangs under the ceiling of the small shop descends, and a feast begins…

Name: Naše maso

Address: Dlouhá 39, Praha 1




They are your pork experts. The pork knuckle, so loved by the traditional fare loving Czechs, is available here, and so are many other specialities such as hot sausages, warm smoked pork cracklings, pork cheeks in gravy… ribs, pork schnitzel and beer to go with it. Just… yes.

Name: Pork’s

Address: Mostecká 16, Praha 1



V Zahradě

V Zahradě offers classic Czech and European dishes with something extra: They have their own smoke box and put meat and fish in there, and sometimes also vegetables. That elevates the place gretaly, and if you are not convinced, know that their Pira charcoal BBQ grill is another magical instrument that makes things taste great.

Name: V Zahradě

Address: Schwaigerova 59/3 (in Hotel Schwaiger), Praha 6




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