La casa Argentina: Steaks. Just top steaks.

La casa Argentina is a hugely popular steak place. It prides itself in offering the best steaks in town and, indeed, the reviewers agree it is amongst the top places of its kind in this town.

It opened in 2005 and its mission has always been this simple: Offer the perfect steaks and a lively atmosphere. It still works and we have no reason to think this approach will ever date.

A huge place to be

It is one of the biggest places not just amongst the steakhouses, but also amongst the whole restaurant scene of Prague. It offers impressive 380 places and the chef Filip Šulc makes sure that everyone has a chance to taste those great steaks with a rich selection of accompaniments and sauces. They also offer signature cocktails and of course a selection of wines.

There is also a great option for your own party: Here, you can just buy meat for your own steak party and enjoy the top quality fare in your own back garden or a trip to the country.

Name: La casa Argentina

Address: Dlouhá 35, Praha 1



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