Naše maso. An unusual meaty treat

When Prague’s beloved butcher Kšána retired in 2016, things looked grim. The master butcher was no longer able to run his shop and the local foodies were stricken by panic. What do we do? Surely there must be hope in the world of fine meat?

There was. Kšána’s son, who helped to run his shop back in the noughties, decided to open Naše maso, a butcher shop specializing in the local meat, especially pork and beef.

Naše maso

Good things in the heart of Prague

The new shop became an instant hit, with premium meat and their own sausages, salamis and other delicacies, of course without additives. All natural and also naturally smoked (no artificial aroma!), Naše maso is loved by many. As if that was not enough, they offer select meat, spices or oils you might know from the top restaurants.

The shop is always packed. You can quickly buy top meat and eat it at home, or order something extra special: In the evenings, a table that hangs under the ceiling of the small shop descends, and a feast begins. If you are amongst the lucky ones who have pre-ordered this, you are in for a treat: A delicious meaty menu of many courses includes both traditional dishes and unusual things prepared by the skilled chefs. Make room for a surprise!

If you are a meat fan, and want to know what they can do with it in Prague, Naše maso is a must.

Name: Naše maso

Address: Dlouhá 39, Praha 1



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