Sabores: More than a bistro, more than a shop

If you are into top Spanish food and wines, you cannot miss this place. Part shop, part bistro where you can taste the authentic Spanish cuisine (and they also have top coffee!), Sabores offers something for even the most demanding foodies.

Jamón, cheese, or perhaps wine? All of this, and more.

In Sabores there are the most famous hams on offer, including the world’s top brand, the Joselito. You can buy small packs of Spanish ham, or go and buy the whole piece, perhaps as part of a set that includes a sharp knife that is so important if you want to enjoy your ham.

Sabores offer a wide variety of Spanish cheese, too, ranging from subtle tasting types to the strong ones. That is definitely not all though: Look around and see for yourself delicacies such as truffle-flavoured chips or the famous sea salt from Ibiza.

And do not forget the wonderful wine that Spain produces in such an amazingly wide range. We recommend spending some time here, getting yourself acquainted with the products, and asking the knowledgeable staff you find here about their products: you might as well discover your new favourite foods.

Name: Sabores

Address: Vyšehradská 414/6, Praha 2



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