IF Cafe: Something for your sweet tooth

IF Cafe call themselves “a modern confectionery” and we gladly confirm this is true, but we’d like to add the word “great” to this expression.

Iveta Fabešová, the owner (hence the name, IF) is a keen pastry and cake maker who has also published several well-received recipe books. She is a young, fierce woman who loves French gastronomy, going to flea markets and freedom. Which is a good recipe for running a nice café with top sweets and a pleasant atmosphere. She started with one small place run by her and her husband and it is heartwarming to see that people loved their approach so much that she now runs four IF Cafés, all in the centre of Prague.

In all her cafés you can find a good selection of traditional Czech desserts with a french flair. The interiors are very elegant and even the coffee cups, decorated with “IF”, are just right.

A special treat

One of their cafés is very special. The elegant one in the historical, recently refurbished Werichova vila, which is an art centre in the middle of the Kampa park, just at the riverbank of Vltava. The villa hosts exhibitions and other events and its 450 years of history are felt here. If you find yourself walking along the Vltava river, we strongly recommend having a coffee and perhaps something sweet here to make your time even more special.

Name: IF Café

Address: Belgická 30, Praha 2

Tylovo náměstí 2, Praha 2

U Sovových mlýnů 7, Praha 7

Jungmannova 30/21, Praha 1

E-mail: ifcafe@ivetafabesova.cz

Website: http://ifcafe.cz

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