The Farm: A cozy urban place for simple food

The Farm Letná

The Farm is a no-frills urban bistro located in the hip Letná district.

The Farm Letná

They are famous for their great lunch options for the modern, young clientele, and offer extra good coffee, because no contemporary place would be complete without this. The lunch menu is available from 11 am to 3 pm and always includes a soup and one vegetarian dish – plus a meat-based, often grilled dishes such as a turkey burger.

The days and the nights

They are open for the whole day though, do let’s not forget their breakfasts and brunches (super tasty eggs and other options). Also, if you are looking for an informal place to have dinner, give them a try, they stay open until 10:30 pm.


Name: The Farm

Address: Korunovační 17, Praha 7

Website: Website:

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