Beef Bar: Healthy & hearty

It is refreshing to see a restaurant with a well-executed, simple concept. Beef Bar is your place to get beef. No wonder their reviews are so good and the customers happily keep coming back, this thing just works.

Beef Bar

The owners had visited Uruguay and Argentina back in the nineties and started importing their famous meat to the Czech Republic.

Beef bar offers steaks and other meaty treats such as pastrami. Their homemade sausages are a favorite, plus they have fish for the folks who are not into red meat.

Apart from the beef, the owners of the Beef Bar import wine from traditional, family-owned wineries. Which means you can get an Argentinian steak with an Argentinian wine. Perfect. Hint: If you love the Czech beer, have a glass with your steak or sausage. The local brand Matuška is very good.

Simple, yet effective

Right in the middle of Prague you and your friends (they have live music on weekends which makes for a lively atmosphere!) can have real treats from the South America. The décor is modern industrial and the food is all about the best, juiciest meat. What is not to like?

Name: Beef Bar

Address: Na Perštýně 10, Praha 1



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