YOLO Karlín: If you only live once, why eat badly?

YOLO stands for “you only live once” and this youthful slogan is the epitome of hedonism. At the YOLO Karlín though, they approach this  in a more thoughtful way: they serve good, healthy breakfasts and lunches for the growing community of office workers and creatives in the karlín district who want to eat good.

Old School Baby

Classic Czech dishes such as “koprovka” are stars of this show but the kind people behind YOLO come up with new and less usual dishes too. The rules are proper food, no unnecessary chemical additives, no “empty” dishes ie food of poor nutritional value. Your lunch does not have to be a rushed event where you inhale some fried stuff and run back: after all, you do not live twice, do you?

Name: YOLO Karlín

Address: Pernerova 42, Praha 8 

Website: https://www.instagram.com/yolo.karlin/

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