Gin & Tonic Club. Just what the name says.

Here at Culinary Prague, we love it when people devise original concepts – and stick to them.

The Gin & Tonic Club is one such case. This establishment is dedicated to celebrating

the many faces of gin and tonic, and offers not just cocktails, but also small portions of top quality food, carefully paired with the cocktails. This place has a capacity of 80 guests (in winter) up to and 120 and a vast array of gins (360 of them, to be precise).

They combine the gins and the tonics (of which they carry 54 kinds) with herbs and spices and even the most seasoned gin drinker is sure to widen their horizons here –

they offer thousands of combinations.


Welcome to the club

The place has a lounge and a restaurant, plus a club with comfy chairs that is great for parties with friends, colleagues or family. Come for a drink or try one of their tastings where you discover interesting combinations

of top food and several G&Ts.

And please let the good people at the Gin & Tonic Club offer you some advice on the drinks. They love them like nobody else.

Name: Gin & Tonic Club

Address: Navrátilova 1421/11, Praha 1



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