Blah Blah Bar: An easy place to party

Blah Blah Bar

Blah Blah Bar is one of those easygoing establishments that do things just right. Great location close to everything? Check. Interesting cocktails? Check. Good ingredients and quality spirits? Check. Plus, local craft beer, something small to eat, and a good coffee. What’s not to like?

At the Blah Blah Bar they like the guests to know what type of cocktail they get, so the list includes descriptive details such as “strong, sour, touch of herbs” or “medium strong, sweet, banana”. We very much love this and are wondering why this nice touch is not more common!

Your celebration, here?

The Blah Blah Bar can accommodate up to 80 guests, making it a good option for a company celebration or perhaps for your and all your friends who want to celebrate something big. The can even invent a special cocktail for your event!

Name: Blah Blah Bar

Address: Žitná 41, Praha 1



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