Artic Bakehouse: Baked in Heaven(?!)

Bakeries and the like are pretty much an everyday thing. They might not even seem that important, or poetic. Unless you know the right ones, that is.

Sourdough Times

The people who run this marvellous place are truly the masters of their craft: their breads and scones and everything else seem “ordinary” and almost rustic, but as you take the first bite you are hooked forever. Their offer consists of sourdough bread and many other creations and the stars of the show are plain-looking but fantastic-tasting Scandinavian sweet treats.

Our favourite combo and a reward after a long day (thankfully they are open long enough!) is buying a loaf or half-loaf of the sourdough bread for home and having a scone with berries and white chocolate. Hey it is all healthy anyway? And for sure, it is a top quality and very pleasurable thing to eat in the city.

Name: Artic Bakehouse

Address: Újezd 11, Praha 5 

Website: h

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