Chleba & Máslo: Basic is Great

Basic food, and great ingredients for simple dishes. That has been a big trend in the past few years, and what’s a better place to use this philosophy than a bakery.

Bread, butter and more

Chleba & Máslo means “Bread & butter” and this very small bakery of course has great bread – some argue it is the best in town right now. Whereas bread is what gave this much-loved place its name, sweet pastries is where it’s at for many others: a great cup of coffee, and a wonderfully smelling, absolutely fresh, maybe still hot sweet piece it you are lucky, and you are lured. This pretty place with a stylish, rustic yet elegant interior on the corner in the hip Prague 7 will be calling you back shortly.

Pro tip: Visit the café nearby, The Farm, if you like their style and want to sid down with a hot cup, as the Chleba & Máslo’s creations are available there, too. Find them at Korunovační 17, Praha 7.

Name: Chleba & Máslo

Address: Jana Zajíce 16, Praha 7

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