Wildflower: Come for a Cocktail!

People love the Wildflower, and there are many colourful and wonderful reasons for that: they are their legendary cocktails.

Drinks that make you go mmm…

The reviews usually go along the lines of “this place is nice enough but we keep coming back for those cocktails, they are the main thing” – and that makes much sense. However we love design, décor and stylish interiors in general, restaurants and bars, we go there to drink and/or eat, and not just admire the settings. Wildflower has a harmonious interior full of flowers but also a wonderful selection of signature drinks, nice staff and they plan events we will surely love! Let’s follow them and see that they come up with, together.

Name: Wildflower Cocktail lounge & Cafe

Address: Slezská 14, Praha 2 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/wildflowerprague/

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