Vozovna Stromovka: The Family Place

The Czechs like their garden restaurants. From the humble beer places to the more refines gastro experiences, these places are getting much love, even if the local weather usually permits the actual gardens to work just for a few months a year.

A New Take on a Classic Idea

Vozovna Stromovka is a place that is now a part of the Gare Restaurants brand, which is good news for the people who like good, interesting dishes made by real professionals. Each of their restaurants has its style (the Gare is French, U Supa is a traditional beer with hearty Czehc cuisine, Les Moules is seafood) and Vozovna Stromovka and its menu has been expertly tailored to the needs of this place: A restaurant that is informal, you can come with the whole family (they have a big play area for the kids too) and everyone will find something to their liking: The dad and grandad have some classical Czech meaty cuisine. The mom might want a large salad with chicken meat, and the dad who has traveled a lot might be happy to discover international dishes, including the pljeskavica to hummus. You can have small dishes if you just only popper in out of curiosity and go for a big dinner afterwards, or you can make it a full experience, or even a company event, or a special day for your whole extended family. We are sure they will find a way to cater for your needs.

Name: Vozovna Stromovka

Address: Královská obora 2, Praha 7

E-mail: info@vozovna-stromovka.cz

Website: https://www.vozovna-stromovka.cz

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