Vinohradský parlament: The (Extra)ordinary Casual Czech Food

Czechs love to eat their lunches in pubs, bistros and restaurants, and the centre of Prague is dotted with various places offering lunch menus, from the rustic cheap pubs for the hard working to more elaborate places that cater for the business people. And everything in between.

Vinohradský Parlament is the very good in between for lunch, and a very good idea in the evening, too. And if some of your friends from abroad (or you!) want to try Czech cuisine, this is a good place to start.

The recently refurbished pub is light, airy and busy. They offer more or less updated Czech and European food on the heavier side, with a nod to the season (we wrote this when mushrooms were in season and it was also the time of the loved geese, and we enjoyed what their cooks were able to create from these ingredients). Another thing that they launched in 2019 is an unusual idea not often seen elsewhere various new-ish takes on the knedlíky – a Czech and also Austrian staple that is basically large dumplings, some of them filled with sweet or savoury things and others served as thick slices accompanied by meat and a choice of sauces  – everything cooked to perfection of course. 

Here, you can have very interesting and at the same time homey food experiences. The prices are mid range so you can afford to have a meal here even when on a budget, and we like to see that the traditional Czech pib and its fare is a concept that can be developed even further. Well done!

Name: Vinohradský parlament

Address: Korunní 1, Praha 2



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