Urxova 10 – Passion in Elements

Meals from our kitchen are prepared with heart and passion for fire, water, air, wood and time.

We are characterized by straightforwardness, respect for quality, fresh ingredients and traditional meals.

This is what makes restaurant Urxova 10 special – the pureness of elements. They believe that all food has the same circle as our lives have.

Heart of the kitchen is Josper Grill, which adds the smell of wood to the meal. The chef said that this grill is a guarantee of the quality as when you close the doors it sounds like doors of Rolls-Royce.

We recommend you to taste fishes and old steaks with a glass of excellent Spanish wine. Fishes have a long tradition in Urxova and they really know how it makes excellent.

Name: Porto, Urxova 10

Address: Urxova 436/10, Praha

E-mail: info@urxova10.cz

Website: urxova10.cz

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