U Matěje: What everyone is talking about

Jan Punčochář is one of those chefs that have become celebrities per se: Even the folks who did not have the pleasure to eat his impeccable dishes know him, and regard him as an authority.

The new place you should see

Punčochář has been long working in the top restaurants in Prague, but it is only recently he became an owner: he rented this place for 25 years together with Jan Fidler (who co-owns a development company) and in the spring of 2019 he opened his restaurant for the first time.

Punčochář proudly and creatively cooks dishes that are built upon the local tradition, but are modern, interesting and can be compared to any of the top gastronomy experiences you can have. This restaurant does some things that are not usual in this tier though, the portions ale larger that you might expects in such an establishment, and you can do things that the Czechs did at their grandma’s such as finishing the sauce with a spoon because it is so good. We hope that we will be visiting this place for much longer than that 25 years!

Name: U Matěje

Address: U Matěje 1, Praha 6

E-mail: rezervace@umateje1.cz

Website: https://www.umateje1.cz

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