The Real Meat Society: Their name says it all

Paul and Michaela Day have a clear vision: To sell the best meat. Their organic-only shop in Prague 2 is a good way to experience what a professional butcher shop for the 21st century should be like.

The celebrity and the meat

The British chef Paul Day is a very well known Czech gastronomy personality, he runs the Sansho restaurant and used to have another bistro called Maso a kobliha that he closed as he now he has this shop (oh, and and he also got several Bib Gourmands from Michelin, and used to work at Nobu). He and Michaela know very well what works and what meat should be like, so that you are in goods hands here – Paul used to work in a butcher shop as a teenager, so there are not many people who know more about this field. The locally sourced meat from small producers is what can make a great dish, and we are super happy we can buy sch goods cuts in the centre of Prague.

Name: The Real Meat Society

Address: Náplavní 5, Praha 2



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