Tamarind Tree: The tastiest Asian food

Tamarind Tree became famous for their pop-up presence at Prague’s markets and other events such as festivals. This bunch of people who love the Asian cuisine is instantly likeable: When you came to their stand at a market asking for a dish that was not served at that day, they offered to make this the next week for you. Their noodle and rice dishes have the ability to make you happy on the spot so seeing them at an event was always good news. They even took care to make their own sauces when they would not really have to (we love this extra touch!).  

Not just a pop-up

You can visit a brick-and-mortar Tamarind Tree now, too, at Vyšehradská, near Sabores. What’s on offer? We are happy to see our favourite pad thai, but you should also know they have several kinds of dim sum dumplings which are becoming very popular in Prague right now. If you want that thai goodness and the weather is maybe a bit dull, make sure you also order the tom kha soup – your day will be that much better for it.

Name: Tamarind Tree

Address: Vyšehradská 43, Praha 2

E-mail: TamarindTree@email.cz

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TamarindTreeCZ/

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