Takumi: Ramen Time Baby

Ramen is a small miracle of the Japanese cuisine: A hearty, satisfying, rich soup full of noodles, meat, herbs, and other more or less exotic ingredients, topped with an inviting egg. You need to have the right noodles and a very strong stock to enjoy the slurp-y, lovely goodness, and we are happy to report that yet another pretty spot has appeared on the ramen map of Prague.

Just take the tram

Takumi is near to everything: A few tram stops from the main railway station or Wenceslas Square, at the prosaic but useful Senovážnné square there is the newest addition to the Prague ramen scene. If you are new to ramen please do not feel overwhelmed and ask, or just choose what feels good. A richer. Meatier version, or perhaps something with pea snaps and more on the light side? A lot of the ultra-healthy miso and seaweed, or rather a piece of pork? The choice is yours, and you will be tempted to try other options soon!

Name: Takumi

Address: Senovážné náměstí 6, Praha 1 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Takumi.Praha/

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