Spojka Karlín Makes Sense

Spojka call themselves a restaurant serving “food that makes sense” and we are partial to that. They also claim that they want to connect people over food, be they vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers. Which we find very practical because so many people have various dietary restrictions now that it only makes sense that there are places where everyone can enjoy good food at the same time.

Different desserts

Just like many other restaurants and bistros, Spojka has its own bread. But: They also have a creative and mindful confectioner that makes desserts that are different – there does not have to be sugar in them, and they can taste like you are not used to. Also, both of their chefs have their own gardens where they grow vegetables that is used in the restaurant – aren’t these great reasons to visit?

Name: Spojka Karlín

Address: Pernerova 35, Praha 8

E-mail: info@spojka-karlin.cz  

Website: https://www.spojka-karlin.cz

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