Špejle: Czech tradition with a twist

Špejle is a fresh concept of a bistro you can find in the very centre of Prague, near Václavské náměstí (maybe you have seen its elegant yet playful logo from the tram if you traveled in the centre).

New take on the beloved sandwich

Czechs love sandwiches, and small open faced sandwiches on white bread are a part of the nation’s culinary tradition. There are several establishments that build upon this tradition, and Špejle has an original concept: they serve everything – from relatively common types of mini-sandwiches to Czech traditional dishes – in small portions, on a wooden skewer. Always. They offer both hot and cold meals, sweets, seasonal specialities… and you just mix and match them as you see fit. Of course you can find good drinks here, and this place has an amazing selection of gin & tonics. You easily pay according to the amount of skewers, you have fun…. In short, you are in good hands here.

Name: Špejle

Address: Jindřišská 16, Praha 1

E-mail: info@spejle.eu

Website: https://www.spejle.eu

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