Soho: In Bed

Prague 4, especially the parts near the river, is bustling with new businesses now. There are restaurants, cafés and places for sports. One of the newer and interesting places is also the Soho, inspired by the American district full of creativity and colour.

Soho offers nice dishes that are on the lighter side: Try their fish, octopus or the corn fed chicken and enjoy the view!

The extra things

Soho offers family brunches every weekend. They also love to cater for wedding and other special events. These things are nice but other places have such things on offer, too. What is unique is the concept of finger foods served… in bed. The comfortable beds are an indulgent place to eat and the summer terrace where they are located is great. What an idea!

Name: Soho

Address: Podolské nábřeží 1, Praha 4



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