Sia: Asian cuisine with a twist

Sia is a new-ish Asian restaurant in the center of Prague. It combines several influences so it is not purely Japanese or Indian or Korean.

Their signature dish is the Peking duck, a traditional dish from Beijing that has been marinated and then roasted. Other signatures worth trying are the tasty, juicy tuna with yellow curry and the grilled lobster.

They also offer several kinds of traditional Chinese dumplings (we strongly recommend Xialo Long Bao – warning, there is hot soup inside the dumplings!), the famous Japanese ramen that is more a full-on dish than a soup, various fish and other seafood and creative desserts.

Their cooks hail from China, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand and also from the Czech Republic, and their boss Jiří Štift makes sure that their influences play together perfectly.

photo credit: Sia

Fun to be had

Sia has several floors and several kitchens which means you may not get all your dishes at the same time. Does it matter? Not at all. The whole experience is lively and fun, the staff knowledgeable and the expertly prepared food makes you want to come back for more.

photo credit: Sia

Name: Sia

Address: V Celnici 1034/6, Praha 1



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