SaSaZu: The Asian magic

Are you a foodie? Have you spent some time in Prague already? Chances are you have visited the picturesque market called Holešovická tržnice. One of the halls houses an extremely good vegetable market with great local ingredients.

It is possible you have also noticed the SaSaZu, both a club and a restaurant, located nearby. Or you may have read about it as it is one of the best spots for Asian cuisine lovers.

Quality that stays

But back to the SaSaZu. Well, is it as good as they say in the papers? We can nod empathically, between bites of their flavourful curries and grilled meats that are incredibly juicy, and the steamed and fried things that they can prepare so well.

And, we can happily add, they keep the quality. We have been coming back there since their opening in 2009, and always find interesting items on their menu that is a rich fusion of several cuisines from the South East Asia. Whether you prefer meat, seafood, lighter vegetables options or have a sweet tooth, they have something for you.

It helps they have such a good eye for décor and make your whole experience a dream you will not forget.

Name: SaSaZu

Address: Bubenské nábřeží 306, Praha 7



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