Rosmarina: The Ship That Offers a Lot

Rosmarina is not your usual ship. Rosmarina is not your usual restaurant. Rosmarina is not your usual bistro. Rosmarina is not your usual sports venue. Um, what?

A Mix that Works

Rosmarina is one if the less usual places you might find in Prague. It is a sports complex where you can even try archery, and it is a big ship on the Vltava river that offers several restaurants where you can reward yourself after your sport efforts (or without, haha). There is Rosmarina restaurant that offers pleasant and comfortable cuisine based on the Italian traditions. Then there is their bistro offering grilled meats and quick fare such as soups. And they are working on something new too: A new spot dedicated to prawns in the making. We are very, very curious about this one!

Name: Rosmarina

Address: Vltavanů, Praha 4



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