Rest. Fun by the fireplace

Prague 4 is not really famous for its culinary treasures, but there are some places near the river that we can recommend.

Rest. is located just next to the Vltava river, and is both spacious and homely, especially the interior with the (fully functioning) fireplace.

The cuisine is European, with an emphasis on meats, even the less usual kinds such as a mufflon.

They also proudly offer various tapas and other smaller dishes, mostly made of local ingredients, and affordably priced.

Summer, or winter? Or both?

Their fireplace is a treat in winter, try coming here after a long walk at the famous vyšehrad hill. But the summery vibe, with a cold beer in their big garden, fells also great. Maybe try both variants when you get the chance.

Name: Rest.

Address: Podolské nábřeží 34/6, Praha 4



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