QQ Asian Kitchen: The friendships shows

QQ Asian Kitchen shows that when you do things properly, with love and grit, you make a name for yourself. The rave reviews of this new-ish place speak for themselves.

A Friendly Place

QQ Asian Kitchen features dishes from across Asia, utilizing as inspiration both street and comfort foods. The chefs Nyoman Purnata and Lee Chang have lived in Prague since 2008, and have been in the restaurant business ever since. Their first restaurant, QQ Asian Kitchen, opened just recently, and Czechs started loving it almost immediately. We like the lighter options such as the marinated fish salad for the hot days but also the lovely soups for when it gets cold. If you like Asian cuisine, this one is highly recommended!

Name: QQ Asian Kitchen

Address: Ladova 3, Praha 2

Website: https://www.qqasiankitchen.com

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