Puro Gelato: The natural pleasure

There has been a plethora of new of restaurants, cafés and bars popping up everywhere in Prague recently. We are happy to see such a big amount of all types of establishments, from modest and cozy cafés to opulent, luxurious restaurants. What we are especially fond of are places offering artisanal foods and a clear concept.

Puro Gelato is all about ice cream. They take local milk and top ingredients (that vary according to seasons, and you would be surprised how great an ice cream can be in the middle of winter!) and make them into tasty, fresh ice cream, daily.

This place, located at Na hrobci just off the riverbank (and next to the famous Náplavka market and the lovely Sabores deli shop), offers fresh, natural and just plainly great gelato and we love to drop in repeatedly to see what’s new.

The eco touch

The cups you get your gelato in are biodegradable, which makes us feel even more happy about this place!

Name: Puro Gelato

Address: Na hrobci 1, Praha 2

E-mail: info@purogelato.cz

Website: http://www.purogelato.cz/kontakt

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