Pork’s: The pork experts


Czechs love pork meat. So do the Spanish, Italians, and many others, but Czechs have a great advantage of producing beers that go so well with the pork specialties (and a plethora of tasty, substantial traditional dishes).

Pork’s is one of the newer additions to the Czech culinary scene, and they are not afraid to be fun and bold, including the funny hand drawn a pig on their website. Find them just off the famous Charles Bridge, in Mostecká street, and sample the Czech specialties.

They open every day and midday and do they have treats for you. The pork knuckle, so loved by the traditional fare loving Czechs, is available here, and so are many other specialities. We looked at their menu closely and wanted to call a taxi to get us there ASAP. Hot, roasted pork sausages, warm smoked pork cracklings, pork cheeks in gravy… and these are just some of their starters. Roasted pork ribs, pork schnitzel and the above mentioned, famed pork knuckle they are so proud of. Yum! In the unlikely cause you do not want pork, they have the much-loved traditional fruit dumplings that every Czech kid knows, and by kid we mean anyone up to the age of 100.

Beer? Has anyone said beer?

Pork and beer go hand in hand in this country. Pork’s offer several styles of the traditional Pilsner Urquell (in case you didn’t know, you can pour the draught beer in various ways to get different results) and also the black Kozel which is another favourite with a long tradition. Pork’s might be new, but they surely know where to look for good fare and drinks.

Name: Pork’s

Address: Mostecká 16, Praha 1

E-mail: porks@porks.cz

Website: http://www.porks.cz/en

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