Pohostinec Karlín: The good thing that grows

You may have heard about the Pohostinec Monarch right in the centre of Prague, offering a modern take on the classical local cuisine. Sounds like something for you? Then let us tell you about this one.

For the growing neighbourhood

Karlín is a part of Prague that is one of the most dynamic. After the floods in 2002 that have destroyed a lot of older buildings this area started to bloom much more than anyone could have anticipated. The growth spawned new restaurants, and, what is even more interesting, then new company headquarters and new flats and in turn, more restaurants for the newly relocated.

Pohostinec Karlín caters for those who want real, good, proper food and beverages. They do have many staples of the local cuisine but also carry USDA-certified meats that make wonderful steaks. They run a Josper grill that serves also for things like carrots and other goodies that accompany the perfect meat. Their menu is short but full of delights, and the whole concept just makes sense.

Name: Pohostinec Karlín

Address: Pobřežní 42, Praha 8

E-mail: karlin@pohostinec.cz

Website: https://www.karlin.pohostinec.cz/index.php

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