Podolka: Beautiful river view, and much more

Podolka might just use its wonderful surroundings to attract customers, but it does much more.

As the name suggests (to a Czech person anyway), Podolka is located in Podolí, a picturesque little area near the Vltava river. The restaurant you can find here is using this big advantage and offers an amazing view of the river and the Vyšehrad hill, but it does not stop here.

Come for the view. Stay for the food

Podolka had been serving vegetarian food and things like hummus and sushi before they became a staple everywhere, and they are a favourite spot for vegetarians because they know how to cook tasty food with OR without meat (meat eaters find a lot to like here, too, from fish dishes to burgers). Many locals return here again and again, and it is nice to see they keep doing so for years: there are so many other restaurants in Prague now that if you keep people coming back so many times, you must be doing something very good.

     Name: Podolka

Address: Podolské nábřeží – Přístav 1, Praha 4

E-mail: vyroba@restauracepodolka.cz

Website: http://podoli.restauracepodolka.cz

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