Luxury restaurants in Prague: Which ones are the best?

Prague’s culinary scene is big and healthy. It offers a vast array of top quality, luxurious places to eat. Here are a few we recommend!


Alcron has been amongst the top places for years already. Crearively combining the influences of many world cuisines, it is an experience to remember. Try a 3-course to 7-course dinner menu with wine pairing, and if you love it, try one of their cooking classes for the public.


Address:Štěpánská 40, Praha 1




Bellevue is luxurious and creative. We love how they choose ingredients according to where they are best: hazelnuts from Piedmont or wines from the top places of the world, and of course the tastiest meats, vegetables and fruits to bring you the pleasure of an expertly executed dinner.

Name: Bellevue

Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 18, Praha 1



Kalina Anežka, Kalina Kampa

This restaurant is located inside a historical building that works as a gallery. Kalina is group of famous gourmet restaurants and you can visit any of them, but this one has the advantage of not only the great food with a French flair, but also the inimitable settings. Another good idea is the Kalina Kampa where the chef Mirek Kalina brings you the best dishes to be enjoyed in a romantic place just at the riverbank.

Name: Kalina Anežka

Address: Anežská 5, Praha 1



Name:Kalina Kampa

Address: Říční 1, Praha 1



Kampa Park

Speaking of the river Vltava and the Kampa which is the essence of a romantic place, there is another place we recommend. The elegant Kampa Park with its three terraces offers a spectacular view AND luxurious, usually light and intereting dishes showing the staff’s love for the french cuisine.

Name: Kampa Park

Address: Na Kampě 8b, Praha 1




Radek Kašpárek got a Michelin star (repeatedly) and the fame of his Field is well deserved. They offer you new horizons and much creativity, not just goo food.

We like that they offer non-alcoholic pairing for their inventive dishes.

Name: Field

Address: U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1



La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Oldřich Sahajdák gained a Michelin star in 2012, is a star of La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, a fine dining establishment that we like a lot. Come for dinner (the restaurant opens at 6 pm and offers solely multi-course tasting menus) and admire the inventive and clever dishes.  

Name: La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Address: Haštalská 18, Praha 1



La Casa: Tapas and Wine. The Right Ones.

It is good news that the Spanish style of gastronomy is gaining traction here in Prague. There are bars and restaurants that are very nice examples of that, and the new-ish La Casa bar in the less known Lípová street is one such fine place.

The right hams and cheeses

This nice bar offers wine and tapas, and we are glad we see the “proper” foodstuffs here. The tapas is made of Fuet iberico sausages and salamis, they use the famous Chorizo iberico, Salchichon iberico sarta, Jamon Serrano hams, and the lovely La Casota, manchego and Mahon cheeses. All this and the olives, peppers, figs and other good thins together with exclusively Spanish wines and homemade soft drinks makes us appreciate what they do!

Name: La Casa

Address: Lípová 10, Praha 2



Pivovar U Supa: Beer and Tradition

“Pivovar” means “Brewery”, and this brewery has a history: U Supa is the oldest brewery with restaurant in Prague. Founded in the 15th century, it can be found just off the Old Town Swuare, in the busy Celetná street.

The menu that makes sense

Their menu reflects the emphasis on tradition. Radek Vlasák, the head chef of the Brewery U Supa, clearly knows what he is doing when he offers traditional dishes such as the goose confit or roasted pork. You can find more modern and light dishes here, too, such as salads, fermented beetroot salad… or try the interesting pearl barley with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds if you are somewhere inbetween. Oh and you have to try their own beers – some are stronger that your usual kind so be careful:-).

Name: Pivovar U Supa

Address: Celetná 22, Praha 1



La Gare: The French Zones

Czechs know that the French cuisine is great, but for some reason, thera are not that many French restaurants in our city. Enter La Gare: the recently refurbished French restaurant/brasserie that has three zones with various moods and offers a fantastic assortment of dishes and foods, from breakfast to dinner.

The joie de vivre is real

The French term joie de vivre, joy of living, was coined a long time ago, and places such as La Gare show that this concept can manifest in these days as well. Here, you will find really joyful décor that sets the mood just right for you to enjoy their very well executed dishes. We keep coming back for their classic coq au vin, because some things should not be changed. Their fish soup is another staple that is just so perfect that we want it to stay on the menu forever. And their duck made according to a recipe from the 19th century (caneton a la rouennaise) is a league of its own. Visit this place at least once to know how great the French classics can be.

Name: La Gare

Address: V Celnici 3, Praha 1



Andělský pivovar: The beer, and more.

“Pivovar” means “brewery” in the beautiful Czech language, and this place offers that, but not just that.

The Czech touch

Andělský pivovar is a so-called mini brewery that doubles as a restaurant, and this is not exactly a mini one – they can accommodate up to 120 guests. The offer of beers is always changing, and the cuisine too, but we do have some tips for you, and hope you can encounter them when you pop into this casual restaurant: The (very healthy!) pickled cabbage becomes a south-bohemian speciality called “Zelňáky” which goes so good with beer and is also a pretty economical choice. The pulled duck is great when you feel like having a proper, ultra satisfying meal. Pork fans? Have their ribs with a hot bread and a wonderful roast garlic dip, and just enjoy life.

Name: Andělský pivovar

Address: Lidická 30, Praha 5



Banh-Mi-Ba: The famous Vietnamese chain

Bánh mì is a type of Vietnamese sandwich that became famous for the yum factor. It always consists of a baguette (that had been long time ago introduced to Vietnam by the French, and changed by Vietnamese so it includes rice flour which makes the bread more fluffy) and various savoury fillings such as meat, herbs, mayo, pickled vegetables… the list is endless, and these baguettes are a popular street food in Vietnam.

The fresh idea

Czechs love baguettes with fillings and so it is not a big surprise that their Vietnamese counterparts have become very popular over here. At Banh-Mi-Ba, they insist on freshness, no microwaving, no monosodium glutamate – and it shows. The yummy, aromatic ingredients (lots of cilantro!) and the heartiness of their baguettes along with some other great dishes such as the revered pho soup… if you are a fan of all things fresh, you will feel happy here.

Name: Banh-Mi-Ba

Address: Thámova 19, Praha 8

Jankovcova 8, Praha 7

Panská 9, Praha 1

Rybná 26, Praha 1



Bruxx: A Belgian element

There are not that many Belgian restaurants in Prague (or in Europe, for that matter). Bruxx is a very good remedy if you miss some Belgian food, and we highly recommend them.

The typical dishes here are the mussels, served in a nice round pot, their much-lived french fries served as a side dish or on their own, with beer. Let’s not forget their sweets: They are known for their waffles, but we very much enjoyed their homemade sorbet and also the pralines.

For meat lovers

Another tip: You might not come here for the steak as there are many specialized places for that, but if you happen to visit this lively brasserie and feel like having some, please do. Their striploin steak is one of the best of its kind, and the beer sommelier recommends the perfect drink to go with it.

Name: Bruxx

Address: Náměstí Míru 9, Praha 2



Italian food in Prague: 7 tips for the best experience

If there is a cuisine in Prague that is loved as much as the traditional Czech, it is Italian. Shortly after the Velvet revolution there began a wave of pizza places and other italian restaurants, anc Czech discovered that pizza, pasta and such are a welcome addition to their usual fare.

Later on, also more sophisticated and varied places specializing in Italian cuisine have emerged. Now, there is still a ton of  “ordinary” pizzerias that offer quite cheap and very tasty options, several establishments offering a rather gourmet pizza, and places that offer a wide variety of other Italian foods such as traditional meat and seafood dishes. We love them all, and now bring you several tips of places we currently like:



Authentic dishes from Italy, modern and traditional. A super tasty pizza from their wood oven. Fresh salads with interesting ingredients you may not know from elsewhere, and of course pasta, the ultimate comfort food. What’s not to like?

Name: Pepenero

Address: Bílkova 4, Praha 1




Kogo Havelská

Super tasty Italian / Mediterranean cuisine. Great quality food that is made just right and served in  relaxed settings so you feel welcome here. This is what we like about proper Italian restaurants: Eat only top quality, premium even, but feel like at home, or visiting good friends.

We like their steaks, their pasta, and their tiramisù. Plus, they are to be found right at the heart of Prague.

Name: Kogo

Address: Havelská 27/29, Praha 1




Cotto Crudo

The restaurant of the Four Seasons hotel is one of Prague’s top offerings when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Artisan ingredients, elegant settings and a sunny Mediterranean vibe (they serve mostly Italian food but have also Jamon Joselito from Spain). Stylish interior and surprising dishes that will make your visit memorable.

And yes the “crudo” meand they serve many of the dishes raw, including fish and seafood (branzino or tuna are interesting raw). Another reason to visit.

Name: Cotto Crudo

Address: Veleslavínova 2a, Praha 1




Pasta Fresca

Comfort food? Did we say pasta is a comfort food? Yes of course. Because, well, this wonderful invention of whoever came first with the idea is just brilliant.

Bigger fans of pasta should go and experience Pasta Fresca, because this place offers so much more than the usual spaghetti and farfalle. Less known types of pasta are accompanied by equally interesting sauces and other ingredients, and you can even pick up your meal and take it away.

Name: Pasta Fresca

Address: Celetná 11, Praha 1




Grosseto Průhonice

Another interesting lace that is worth a small trip from the centre of Prague. Průhonice is famous for its arboretum (a huge park with more than 1600 plants to admire – we recommend you go in the spring!) so it makes sense to go there for other things as well, but if you are like Italians, you do not hesitate to travel for your dinner.

Which is a good idea because Grosseto is one of the really good spots for the classic Italian fare: Seafood, cheese and vegetables as starters (tartare di tonno, tartare di salmone, carpaccio con parmigiano), expertly pasta and rissotti, meat and fish, and of course dolce: both their tiramisù and gelato are highly recommended.

Name: Grosseto

Address:  Květnové nám. 11, 252 43 Průhonice




MANÙ Risto & Lounge

The celebrity chef Emanuele Ridi has several activities and we admire him for all of them, but if we were to choose one, this would be it.

Manù – apart from their fabulous meat and tasty seafood, pasta etc. that are prepared by experts – has a really amazing view of Prague. Pretty much any place with a view is a good idea for a Prague visit, but this one – located on a mini island – feels like a boat, but without the swinging.

Name: MANÙ Risto & Lounge

Address: Dětský ostrov 3197, Praha 5




Oliva verde

One last tip for the very heart of this beautiful city. At The Old Town Square (yes, not “mere 15 minutes from”, just there) there is a restaurant offering the classic Italian menu.

Come to Oliva verde for staples such as bruschette, carpaccio, salads, pizza, fish and several types of risotti. As a dessert, there is a lavender panna cotta. Now all there is left is to walk around the Old Town Square and enjoy its beauty.

Name: Oliva verde

Address: Staroměstské náměstí 479/25, Praha 1



The Real Meat Society: Their name says it all

Paul and Michaela Day have a clear vision: To sell the best meat. Their organic-only shop in Prague 2 is a good way to experience what a professional butcher shop for the 21st century should be like.

The celebrity and the meat

The British chef Paul Day is a very well known Czech gastronomy personality, he runs the Sansho restaurant and used to have another bistro called Maso a kobliha that he closed as he now he has this shop (oh, and and he also got several Bib Gourmands from Michelin, and used to work at Nobu). He and Michaela know very well what works and what meat should be like, so that you are in goods hands here – Paul used to work in a butcher shop as a teenager, so there are not many people who know more about this field. The locally sourced meat from small producers is what can make a great dish, and we are super happy we can buy sch goods cuts in the centre of Prague.

Name: The Real Meat Society

Address: Náplavní 5, Praha 2



Kantýna. Let the butchers do their job.

“Dinner from the butcher,” states the web presentation of this no-frills place that is part of the renowned Ambiente group. Curious?

Worth the wait

At Kantýna, you can either buy high quality Czech meat for your own culinary escapades, or eat on the spot. They only take reservation for the “Dinnes from the butcher” option, else you just drop in, maybe wait a but at the big standing table. And it is worth the wait, because at Kantýna there are meat experts who make you super happy with their grilled pork or beef, and maybe add to your satisfaction with a good cold beer. There are other very interesting options on the menu, but since these people specialize in the grilled meat, we strongly recommend at least try what they do so expertly. You will be happy you did.

Name: Kantýna

Address: Politických vězňů 5, Praha 1