The bars and clubs of Prague

It seems that the centre of Prague is full of bars and clubs and similar establishments. It might be tricky to navigate them if you do not know that much about this scene. We are here to help.


Above the many roofs of Prague, at Prague’s main square (the Wenceslas Square) there is  Duplex. The rooftop club hosts the world’s renowned DJs, so definitely check their programme, and they run their own restaurant, offering smaller dishes “for casual grazing” – such as the Asian chili prawns or the crispy calamari are very enticing.


Address:Václavské náměstí 21, Praha 1



Gin & Tonic Club

These people stick to their concept. The Gin & Tonic Club offers not just an AMAZING array of cocktails, but also small portions of top quality food, carefully paired with the cocktails. Come for a drink or try one of their tastings where you discover interesting combinations of top food and several G&Ts.

Name: Gin & Tonic Club

Address:Navrátilova 1421/11, Praha 1


Blah Blah Bar

Interesting cocktails from only the top quality spirits. Also local craft beer, something small to eat, a good coffee, and a capacity of 80 for your next party. We love how they took care to describe their cocktails in their list, so you know if you are getting something  “strong, sour, touch of herbs” or “medium strong, sweet, banana”.

Name: Blah Blah Bar

Address: Žitná 41, Praha 1



Moon Club

This new-ish place is the talk of the town now. The glass roof over their courtyard makes sure you have a beautiful visual experience. Apart from all the drinking and dancing and elegance they offer small dishes and that includes modern options such as a “moon” bowl with healthy and modern ingredients.

Name: Moon Club

Address: Dlouhá 26, Praha 1



Cafe cafe: Not just for the celeb factor

There are always places that the celebrities seem to love. At cafe Cafe you can meet the rich, the famous and the aspiring celebrities of the Czech showbiz scene, but not only that.

20 Years in Business

Attracting some celebs would not be enough for an establishment to last for long. Cafe cafe is celebrating 20 years in business in 2019 and that is a lot in our corner of the world. It is succesfull not just because of the ability to attract the right faces, but for the good service itself.

Cafe Cafe specializes in light meals and attractive cakes – drop here for a good lunch in the mediterranean style, or have just the coffee and an indulgent cake.

Protip: The breakfast is served until 12.30 and the sandwiches or egg dishes make a nice early lunch too.

Name: Cafe cafe

Address: Rytířská 10, Praha 1



Bokovka: If you are serious about wine

Bokovka is the Czech name of a famous road movie, from 2004. It was started a few years after that by a group of renowned Czech artists – filmmakers, graphic designers and such – who liked to get really great wine and share it. Later on, Tomáš Karpíšek, a super succesfull gastro enterpreneur who owns over 20 restaurants, joined their “club”.

The first incarnation of Bokovka closed down in 2014 but it was not its end: A few months after its demise, a new Bokovka opened in a courtyard of the Dlouhá street right in the middle of Prague.

A New Life

From that moment on, the new Bokovka started to live and thrive. This wine bar run by the artists offers wonderful, expertly selected wines from all over the world, and also runs an on-site fromagerie, so you can have a bite with your glas or three. Add some bread, maybe a few sardines, and be merry.

Name: Bokovka

Address: Dlouhá 37, Praha 1



Miyabi Sushi: The beauty of the knowledge

Japanese food is not just sushi and perhaps a bowl of miso soup. That we can tell. If you want to know more about this colourful “genre”, you might want to try a real, good japanese restaurant that honors the traditions. Like, Miyabi.

The culture and the knowledge

Miyabi opened in 1995. The owner, Darja Kawasumi, was an expert on Japanese food and the tea ceremony and wanted to share the love of this culture with others. Quickly, the word spread and Miyabi, a place that honors the Japanese culture and chooses to bring the whole aesthetics to the interior and the way the dishes are presented, became a staple. You can get here the things you probably know about, such as top quality ramen or fish, but also many other things you probably never heard about. We like that they offer obentó, ie serving items in little boxes.

We like to see that the restaurant is always reflecting things like the New Year celebrations according to the Japanese, or the First of May celebrations (their website also features articles on these topics). The food would be nice itself of course, but being able to learn about the whole culture is what we appreciate a lot.

Name: Miyabi

Address: Navrátilova 10, Praha 1



Cukrkávalimonáda: Not just for drinks

Cukr, káva, limonáda is an old Czech game for smaller kids, where one child recites a short nursery rhyme that goes “Sugar, coffee, lemonade, tea, rum, boom!” and this place chose the beginning of this “poem” as their name. This is not a bar just for some lemonade or rum though..

A Viennese know-how

Cukrkávalimonáda is a combination of a pastry shop and a family restaurant. The pastry–shop’s Pavel Juraška has extensive experience of Viennese confectioneries and takes custom orders too. The restaurant is meant for a quick bite – a breakfast or a light lunch perhaps, and reservations are accepted only for private occasions after closing hours. We do recommend taking a risk and popping here though: If you like high quality baked goods, this is a place to be.

Name: Cukrkávalimonáda

Address: Lázeňská 7, Praha 1



Farmářské trhy Náplavka: This is why markets are such a hip place

Farmers’ markets are A Thing worldwide. In Prague, there are several, and there is one special place we have to mention when talking about this topic.

The Morning Time

Seasonal food, special events dedicated to what’s in season, great coffee, and some accessories such as handmade ceramics: That is the markets’ modus operandi. Náplavka, first opened in 2009, has become so hugely popular that it is actually hard to walk through at certain times. It opens only on Saturdays (from 8 am to 2 pm) and we strongly recommend to go soon: As midday approaches, this place that is bustling with food and foodies becomes full, like, really full.

We like that this place is always evolving even it if could just life off its popularity. Also, in 2018 they introduced returnable cups for cold drinks, and we hope this trend of making everything more sustainable is going to continue. Náplavka lives and we want to see that the nature that gave us such good foods is respected too.

Name: Farmářské trhy Náplavka

Address: Náplavka Rašínova nábřeží, Praha 2



Bistro proti proudu: From a back street to the New York Times

Březinova is not Prague’s most famous street. This little one is located in Karlín that is growing and might become even more hip and big soon (hard to imagine, we know), and started off sort of before the current boom of the bistro scene, but late enough to find customers who were interested.

A quick word

It did not take long for the Bistro Proti Proudu to become famous. It is not unusual to be featured in the Czech media if you have nice food and a nice design, but it is less common to be featured in the New York Times – which happened a few years ago. We like to see a place that has a beautiful yet comfortable interior, all day breakfast-like foods, great coffee and an all-round friendly vibe to be seen in renowned international media, and we are glad that the people who gave this place so much work run it for us and seem to plan to continue!

Name: Bistro proti proudu

Address: Březinova 22, Praha 8



Vozovna Stromovka: The Family Place

The Czechs like their garden restaurants. From the humble beer places to the more refines gastro experiences, these places are getting much love, even if the local weather usually permits the actual gardens to work just for a few months a year.

A New Take on a Classic Idea

Vozovna Stromovka is a place that is now a part of the Gare Restaurants brand, which is good news for the people who like good, interesting dishes made by real professionals. Each of their restaurants has its style (the Gare is French, U Supa is a traditional beer with hearty Czehc cuisine, Les Moules is seafood) and Vozovna Stromovka and its menu has been expertly tailored to the needs of this place: A restaurant that is informal, you can come with the whole family (they have a big play area for the kids too) and everyone will find something to their liking: The dad and grandad have some classical Czech meaty cuisine. The mom might want a large salad with chicken meat, and the dad who has traveled a lot might be happy to discover international dishes, including the pljeskavica to hummus. You can have small dishes if you just only popper in out of curiosity and go for a big dinner afterwards, or you can make it a full experience, or even a company event, or a special day for your whole extended family. We are sure they will find a way to cater for your needs.

Name: Vozovna Stromovka

Address: Královská obora 2, Praha 7



Soho: In Bed

Prague 4, especially the parts near the river, is bustling with new businesses now. There are restaurants, cafés and places for sports. One of the newer and interesting places is also the Soho, inspired by the American district full of creativity and colour.

Soho offers nice dishes that are on the lighter side: Try their fish, octopus or the corn fed chicken and enjoy the view!

The extra things

Soho offers family brunches every weekend. They also love to cater for wedding and other special events. These things are nice but other places have such things on offer, too. What is unique is the concept of finger foods served… in bed. The comfortable beds are an indulgent place to eat and the summer terrace where they are located is great. What an idea!

Name: Soho

Address: Podolské nábřeží 1, Praha 4



Deli Shop: Straight outta the French market

We like introducing here an insider tip or two: Places that the professionals and insiders know, and love – but you maybe have not found yet. Deli Shop is one such gem.

The professionals’ place

Deli shop sells delicatessen but works as a bar for wine and aperitifs, too. The good people at Deli Shop distribute their top quality products to the renowned restaurants and wine bars of Prague, so they are well respected within the gastronomy community. But you can go there as well, and use the expert knowledge with which they shop at the Parisian market of Le Rungis, the Italian farms and other places we all love but visit only rarely, if at all. Make your day special with the best products you find here.

Name: Deli Shop

Address: Sokolovská 39, Praha 8