OSSEGG Prague: The Brewery With a Concept

If you have traveled through the Czech Republic, you might have witnessed a beautiful sight: In the vastly underrated region just off the Ore Mountains, not very far from Prague, is a beautiful monastery of the Order of Cistercians. This baroque site is located in a small town called Osek, and frankly, it looks like some fairy tale place.


You can visit it, and you can do as locals do, take your bike, park it under of one of the old beautiful trees in the garden and have a glass of locally brewed beer, named Ossegg (the old name for the place and the brewery) – from May the garden is open so you can choose sun or shade and marvel at life from the outside, but this place has a nice restaurant too, and you can peek into the actual brewery (the brewery has a history dating back to 1241!).

This brewery does not produce just local beer for the lucky ones who happen to be around. Ossegg actually sells their beer to good restaurants (even abroad) and also supplies cutting-edge technology for microbreweries. And there is the place we want to introduce to you today, the OSSEGG Brewery in Prague’s Římská street which the owners proudly call “the first concept brewery in Europe”.

The beer sets and the dishes

This place has it all, if you are a beer fan and interested in the Czech beer culture. They use Czech machines to make unfiltered beer that does not utilize pasteurisation. The clever interior design lets the beer fans admire pieces of the brewing technology and educate themselves while they enjoy the product.

It is not just about drinking a glass of beer though (or four, they also offer a lovely set of 4 small glasses of their beers – we love this!). The restaurant offers a menu that goes well with the beer and the Czech tradition. The Czech Specials section offers several hearty dishes based on the meaty traditional Czech cuisine plus there is an expertly done duck confit as recommended by the chef. They have game and steaks and a wide range of small dishes: we like this a lot because sometimes, you do not want to commit to a big dish.


This way you can enjoy just something smaller in size but big in taste, like marinated cheese, a tartare, or home made smoked sausages.

The prices are certainly reasonable and the mixture of the very old tradition and the modern, clean design of everything that has to do with OSSEGG is a win. Check their site for specials and updates, they are always brewing something new.

Name: OSSEGG Praha – Pivovar & restaurace

Address: Římská 2135/45, Praha 2

Website: https://praha.ossegg.com, https://www.facebook.com/ossegg.praha/

E-mail: rezervace@ossegg.com

Meatcraft: The Pastrami Thing

There are traditional restaurants we recommend here, and there are the new ones. Meatcraft is a newer addition to the Prague culinary scene, and well worth mentioning.

A Friendly Idea

Meatcraft, a project of two friends, started only in 2019. The place specializes in meat, and, as the name suggests, in pastrami specifically (they proudly say theirs is best in town).

In this casual restaurant you can have several types of pastrami sandwiches, and also very good burgers, wraps and more. Their very own smokehouse and a fresh view of the restaurant business make this place worth a try!

Name: Meatcraft

Address: Jindřicha Plachty 27, Praha 5

E-mail: info@meatcraft.cz

Website: http://meatcraft.cz

Café Jamón: A lesser-known gastro gem just outside Prague

Great gastro experience is not limited to the centre of the big cities. We would like to bring your attention to the south of Prague where there is a place called Dolní Břežany which you may already have heard of if you are into the top technologies: It is famous for laser technology centres and also very interesting modern architecture. Dolní Břežany’s good infrastructure and proximity to both nature and Prague brings a lot of visitors and residensts, so it makes sense that the gastronomy is up to par.

At Café Jamón, they consider tapas (including, of course, jamón, and accompanied by great drinks) a lifestyle. They sell fantastic jamón and also chorizo from Spain, spanish cheese including the great Manchego Viejo, and of course Spanish wine and Sangria. If you come you can also have fresh pastry, bocadillos and sweets… there is a very wide range of everything so you can enjoy tapas as such, or combined to a tasty lunch or dinner you will surely remember. Come try it!

Name: Café Jamón

Address: U náměstí 706, Dolní Břežany

E-mail: cafejamon@cafebarcelona.cz

Website: www.cafe-jamon.cz

Sabores: More than a bistro, more than a shop

If you are into top Spanish food and wines, you cannot miss this place. Part shop, part bistro where you can taste the authentic Spanish cuisine (and they also have top coffee!), Sabores offers something for even the most demanding foodies.

Jamón, cheese, or perhaps wine? All of this, and more.

In Sabores there are the most famous hams on offer, including the world’s top brand, the Joselito. You can buy small packs of Spanish ham, or go and buy the whole piece, perhaps as part of a set that includes a sharp knife that is so important if you want to enjoy your ham.

Sabores offer a wide variety of Spanish cheese, too, ranging from subtle tasting types to the strong ones. That is definitely not all though: Look around and see for yourself delicacies such as truffle-flavoured chips or the famous sea salt from Ibiza.

And do not forget the wonderful wine that Spain produces in such an amazingly wide range. We recommend spending some time here, getting yourself acquainted with the products, and asking the knowledgeable staff you find here about their products: you might as well discover your new favourite foods.

Name: Sabores

Address: Vyšehradská 414/6, Praha 2

E-mail: info@edelikatesy.cz

Website: http://www.sabores.cz

Modrý Zub: The authentic Thai goodness, and more

For people who love Asian food, Modrý Zub is a must. They are proudly serving authentic Thai food, but their menu shows they are also keen on Vietnamese cuisine, and even offer a (very tasty!) Laos option. What they do is really good and we have been fans of them since years – it is great that a place that was serving Asian dishes before they became omnipresent is still doing well.

There are several branches of this chain, and that is very good news for those amongst us who can never get enough of the tasty, fresh foods full of herbs and spices that make you go mmm.

Take it with you

More good news for you: There are not only several places where you can enjoy various Asian noodle and rice dishes, roast duck and other good things by the Modrý zub people. They also offer takeaway and you can have their dishes delivered, too. So next time you feel like enjoying some hot spicy goodness, maybe you just need to use your mobile to order it for your home, office or any other place where the thought has caught you.

Name: Modrý Zub

Address: Jindřišská 5, Praha 1

Spálená 29, Praha 1

Dlouhá 21, Praha 1

Stroupežnického 14, Praha 5

E-mail: jindrisska@modryzub.com

Website: http://www.modryzub.com/en/

Kogo Havelská: At home, in Italy

Kogo Havelská is a place to come and be joyful. This restaurant / bar specializes in Italian cuisine, and is able to channel some much-needed Italian spirit, too.

This means two things: First, their cuisine is first class, their ingredients are only the best, and they know how to bring joy to the fans of the Mediterranean cuisine. And second, they do casual just right. Good Italian restaurants, in general, not just in Italy, are great for this: You feel like you are visiting friends, and you relax. You might have a refined, top class menu from premium ingredients and appreciate everything about it, yet are feeling as worry-free as in a casual bistro. Have some seafood or a perfect steak and and just enjoy the good things life has to offer.

Family gatherings? For sure.

Kogo does this so good that the place became a favourite spot for larger family gatherings, and also company dinners and such. We very much agree this is a place to invite the ones you like!

Name: Kogo

Address: Havelská 27/29, Praha 1

E-mail: kogo@kogohavelska.cz

Website: https://kogohavelska.cz

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise: if you want the best

If you ask a Czech to name a few famous chefs, chances are, you will hear the name Oldřich Sahajdák. This chef, who gained a Michelin star in 2012, is a star of La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, a fine dining establishment that many others are looking up to with awe.

No lunches

La Degustation has abandoned lunches entirely. The restaurant opens at 6 pm and offers solely multi-course tasting menus based both on traditional Czech cuisine and modern trends. This is a place where one comes to have a special experience, so it makes perfect sense.

You just need to let the chef and his colleagues bring you their creativity on a plate. And you can rest assured they are more than qualified to make you happy about your dinner. If you want to know the modern face of the Czech cuisine, this is the place to be.

Tip: if you have a foodie in your life who you really like and want to give them something special, just buy a voucher to La Degustation and watch them rejoice.

Name: La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Address: Haštalská 18, Praha 1

E-mail: boheme@ambi.cz

Website: https://www.ladegustation.cz/

Podolka: Beautiful river view, and much more

Podolka might just use its wonderful surroundings to attract customers, but it does much more.

As the name suggests (to a Czech person anyway), Podolka is located in Podolí, a picturesque little area near the Vltava river. The restaurant you can find here is using this big advantage and offers an amazing view of the river and the Vyšehrad hill, but it does not stop here.

Come for the view. Stay for the food

Podolka had been serving vegetarian food and things like hummus and sushi before they became a staple everywhere, and they are a favourite spot for vegetarians because they know how to cook tasty food with OR without meat (meat eaters find a lot to like here, too, from fish dishes to burgers). Many locals return here again and again, and it is nice to see they keep doing so for years: there are so many other restaurants in Prague now that if you keep people coming back so many times, you must be doing something very good.

     Name: Podolka

Address: Podolské nábřeží – Přístav 1, Praha 4

E-mail: vyroba@restauracepodolka.cz

Website: http://podoli.restauracepodolka.cz

Mama Coffee Vodičkova: Not just the coffee

Some cafés come and go, and some stay. The Mama Coffee people started in the gastro business after their trip to Africa in 2007, and haven’t stopped ever since.

Mamma Coffee is a roastery that also runs several cafés, and our favourite is a rather big one (their biggest), in Vodičkova Street.

Two floors of goodness

This café is a place good for lunch, or even dinner. It has two floors, and especially the second one, serving vegetarian and vegan dishes, is a nice option for casual dining. The ground floor, with their famous coffee, soft drinks and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, is inviting any time of a day, too.

Tip: If you are into art, you can also enjoy small exhibitions of local artists here.

Name: Mamma Coffee

Address: Vodičkova 6, Praha 1

E-mail: daniel.kolsky@mamacoffee.cz

Website: https://www.mamacoffee.cz

Národní kavárna: A calm place in the middle of the city

Národní kavárna has always had a special atmosphere. You can find it right in the centre of Prague, at the famous Národní street, and its surroundings can be pretty busy. This café, however, retains its calm, inviting style.

A piece of history

The first mentions of a cafe in this house date back to 1896, and its current name has been used since 1923. This place was a favourite amongst artists, especially writers, and the famous avant-garde group Devětsil that had a profound influence on the nation’s history was founded here.

Breakfast, or a hearty lunch?

The place was known to look nice back then, and it looks nice now, too. They open at 8 am (9 am on weekends) and they always offer good quality food and drinks. You can have breakfast here (from a healthy one packed with granola and avo to a filling English breakfast), various snacks, and also mains such as a duck leg confit. The place lives on, and that’s good news.

Name: Národní kavárna

Address: Národní 11, Praha 1

E-mail: narodnikavarna.info@gmail.com

Website: https://www.narodnikavarna.cz