OSSEGG Prague: The Brewery With a Concept

If you have traveled through the Czech Republic, you might have witnessed a beautiful sight: In the vastly underrated region just off the Ore Mountains, not very far from Prague, is a beautiful monastery of the Order of Cistercians. This baroque site is located in a small town called Osek, and frankly, it looks like some fairy tale place.


You can visit it, and you can do as locals do, take your bike, park it under of one of the old beautiful trees in the garden and have a glass of locally brewed beer, named Ossegg (the old name for the place and the brewery) – from May the garden is open so you can choose sun or shade and marvel at life from the outside, but this place has a nice restaurant too, and you can peek into the actual brewery (the brewery has a history dating back to 1241!).

This brewery does not produce just local beer for the lucky ones who happen to be around. Ossegg actually sells their beer to good restaurants (even abroad) and also supplies cutting-edge technology for microbreweries. And there is the place we want to introduce to you today, the OSSEGG Brewery in Prague’s Římská street which the owners proudly call “the first concept brewery in Europe”.

The beer sets and the dishes

This place has it all, if you are a beer fan and interested in the Czech beer culture. They use Czech machines to make unfiltered beer that does not utilize pasteurisation. The clever interior design lets the beer fans admire pieces of the brewing technology and educate themselves while they enjoy the product.

It is not just about drinking a glass of beer though (or four, they also offer a lovely set of 4 small glasses of their beers – we love this!). The restaurant offers a menu that goes well with the beer and the Czech tradition. The Czech Specials section offers several hearty dishes based on the meaty traditional Czech cuisine plus there is an expertly done duck confit as recommended by the chef. They have game and steaks and a wide range of small dishes: we like this a lot because sometimes, you do not want to commit to a big dish.


This way you can enjoy just something smaller in size but big in taste, like marinated cheese, a tartare, or home made smoked sausages.

The prices are certainly reasonable and the mixture of the very old tradition and the modern, clean design of everything that has to do with OSSEGG is a win. Check their site for specials and updates, they are always brewing something new.

Name: OSSEGG Praha – Pivovar & restaurace

Address: Římská 2135/45, Praha 2

Website: https://praha.ossegg.com, https://www.facebook.com/ossegg.praha/

E-mail: rezervace@ossegg.com

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