Nostress Cafe Restaurant: The experience that shows

If you are looking for a simple place to eat in the middle of old Prague and want a good quality, we have a tip for you.

Any time is fine

Nostress opened in 2002. They have a lot to offer, on several fronts.

They have been offering original confectionery from their own shop, for a long time, and are constantly changing the offer. Their chef has been working here for over 14 years which tells something (his name is Benmissi and studied at a hotel school in Algeria and then worked as a chef and pastry chef in several renowned Czech establishments including the famous Villa Voyta hotel). We like that, and we also like their philosophy that it is a good idea to eat there any time, breakfast, lunch or dinner, including a coffee break between any of those.

Name: Nostress Cafe Restaurant

Address: V Kolkovně 9, Praha 1



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