News for the Bellevue

As we reported earlier bellevue is one of Prague’s top luxury restaurants. Their style was always about a kind of luxury that is elegant, nice and solid.

A culinary star

It has been in business for the impressive 22 years. You might have heard (or even seen) it is closing… but worry. Not. They are going to reopen mere 50 metres away. So you swim, sorry, walk a bit and in a few days – on February 3 to be precise – you can see a new, fresh, but still elegant and adult Bellevue. The new place will be located at Karolíny Světlé 34 and they have a new chef: Nicolas Decherchi, who is a culinary star: He – very quickly – got two Michelin stars for the Paloma restaurant in the town of Mougins at the French riviera and also worked in Průhopnice near Prague, so he knows what the Prague gourmets like. Bellevue is still part of the renowned Zátiší Group that now comprises three spots. The Bellevue, V Zátiší and Mlýnec. We like them all…

Name: Bellevue

Address: Smetana Hotel, Karolíny Světlé 34, Praha 1



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