Národní kavárna: A calm place in the middle of the city

Národní kavárna has always had a special atmosphere. You can find it right in the centre of Prague, at the famous Národní street, and its surroundings can be pretty busy. This café, however, retains its calm, inviting style.

A piece of history

The first mentions of a cafe in this house date back to 1896, and its current name has been used since 1923. This place was a favourite amongst artists, especially writers, and the famous avant-garde group Devětsil that had a profound influence on the nation’s history was founded here.

Breakfast, or a hearty lunch?

The place was known to look nice back then, and it looks nice now, too. They open at 8 am (9 am on weekends) and they always offer good quality food and drinks. You can have breakfast here (from a healthy one packed with granola and avo to a filling English breakfast), various snacks, and also mains such as a duck leg confit. The place lives on, and that’s good news.

Name: Národní kavárna

Address: Národní 11, Praha 1

E-mail: narodnikavarna.info@gmail.com

Website: https://www.narodnikavarna.cz

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