Můj šálek kávy. The Top Coffee Experience

Right now, there is a lot of coffee roasteries in Prague, and outside it. But these people started out before it became such a trendy thing to do.

Someone had to pave the way

Doubleshot was one of the first institutions regarding coffee, based in Prague. The people behind it traveled a lot and gained expert information on how to do that properly, and after some time, opened their own place. Můj šálek kávy it is. This direct trade coffee shop was the first place these people opened, and it seems to be always full! The whole neighbourhood gathers here, from moms with prams via hipsters to the older folks. The key is quite simple, as are many good things: This place offers the best quality only, and the owners been consistent in their pursuit of the impeccable coffee experience. We recommend visiting in the morning for the hearty yet modern breakfast that accompanies their beans perfectly.

Name: Můj šálek kávy

Address: Křižíkova 105, Praha 8

E-mail: info@mujsalekkavy.cz

Website: http://www.mujsalekkavy.cz

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