Miyabi Sushi: The beauty of the knowledge

Japanese food is not just sushi and perhaps a bowl of miso soup. That we can tell. If you want to know more about this colourful “genre”, you might want to try a real, good japanese restaurant that honors the traditions. Like, Miyabi.

The culture and the knowledge

Miyabi opened in 1995. The owner, Darja Kawasumi, was an expert on Japanese food and the tea ceremony and wanted to share the love of this culture with others. Quickly, the word spread and Miyabi, a place that honors the Japanese culture and chooses to bring the whole aesthetics to the interior and the way the dishes are presented, became a staple. You can get here the things you probably know about, such as top quality ramen or fish, but also many other things you probably never heard about. We like that they offer obentó, ie serving items in little boxes.

We like to see that the restaurant is always reflecting things like the New Year celebrations according to the Japanese, or the First of May celebrations (their website also features articles on these topics). The food would be nice itself of course, but being able to learn about the whole culture is what we appreciate a lot.

Name: Miyabi

Address: Navrátilova 10, Praha 1

E-mail: miyabi@miyabi.cz

Website: https://www.miyabi.cz

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