Manú Praga: The New Italian Place

We have raved here about the Manú Risto & Lounge, a wonderful Italian restaurant by the celebrity chef Emanuele Ridi. So knowing that there is another Manú by him sounded really good and we had to try it ASAP

Manú knows

Manú Praga is located at the riverbank, in a spacious, well lit place previously used by a travel agency and an airline. The design makes a good use of this space and cleverly contrasts the light and cold elements with newly added and colourful chairs and other items. Which is all well and dandy but we would not be so happy if the food was not good enough. Thankfully, it is.

The food is Italian (as you would expect from Ridi who is one of the chefs that made Italian food so popular here and keeps bringing to the Czech audience also the lesser known recipes from his native Marche), and works pretty well in the heart of Prague if you ask us. Manú offers a classic menu (pasta, steaks, fish), some seasonal items (we were super happy about the fresh combination of an Italian fish and a perfectly crunchy asparagus) and a pizza that makes you want to smile at the pizza chef who is working hard at the oven. Everything here is just right, and we will surely come back for more.

Name: Manú Praga

Address: Revoluční 25, Praha 1



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