Les Moules: More than seafood

As the Czech Republic has no sea, the seafood is not on every menu. Les Moules was one of the first places specializing in this, and their style – a Belgian brasserie offering many types of moules – was unknown to the Czech scene when they started many years ago.

A consistent approach

It is not easy to run a restaurant, and it might be even harder to keep a consistent quality. At Les Moules, you know you will find very good dishes mostly of the seafood, and interesting Belgian beers that are not easy to find. What adds further plus points is the knowledgeable staff who offers very good advice for the less-than experienced. We like this combo!

Name: Les Moules

Address: Pařížská 19, Praha 1

E-mail: info@lesmoules.cz

Website: http://www.lesmoules.cz

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